The Truth about Soul Contracts


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

– William Shakespeare

The other day, my best friend from high school and I were catching up on the phone, and she casually mentioned that it looks like her dad is going to be leaving this world soon. We talked about him, what’s going on in his life, and circled back to the same thing we usually circle back to when he comes up: how can somebody be such a jerk, and what was the whole point of his life?

If we’re all here to make a difference in the world, and to contribute to the planet and the people of the planet, how come some people seem to just have nothing to do with that program whatsoever? Her dad was a selfish man who didn’t really do anything for anyone, who abandoned his wife with 7 young kids, one of whom had a disability, and never paid child support, leaving them to struggle in near poverty.

Before I had a moment to think about it, I just blurted this out: “Maybe he’s not such a jerk…maybe his soul is really awesome, and he volunteered to be the asshole this time around, to teach all of you how to survive without a father, to learn how to take care of yourselves despite the odds…” and she added “And to get over our mistrust and hatred of men because of what a bad role model he was!” We talked about it some more, and thought that was an interesting concept. Maybe her dad had a soul contract with her mom and all the kids, one where he purposely contributed to their suffering, so that they could overcome major obstacles, learn, and grow.

With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to explore the whole “Soul Contract” thing today.

What is a Soul Contract?

A soul contract is an agreement between souls that spells out what your relationship as humans will be like. Two souls can decide to offer each other unconditional love and support. Or they can decide to be at odds with each other for one reason or another.

What are Soul Contract Lessons About?

Soul contract lessons can be about anything you can think of. The fun, lovely ones are about unconditional love, understanding, support, and mutual respect. The hard ones are about power struggles, abandonment, disrespect, hatred, and violence.

Fun Soul Contracts
The souls with whom you have “fun” soul contracts help you get through this life. They can be relatives, friends, co-workers, romantic partners. My best friend from high school, for example, has been a beacon of light in my darkest hours, always understanding my very soul and being kind, patient, and understanding with me when others were not. Kind and supportive soul mates can inspire you to be kind and supportive to others in turn. They help get you through life, and teach you things in an easy way.

Not-so-Fun Soul Contracts

The not-so-fun soul contracts help you co-create situations where you are challenged to overcome duress and learn and grow. These are your abusive parents, your evil bosses, romantic partners who throw you under the bus. If you can get past the personal insults and awful feelings and situations these people create in your life, you grow, big time. The end goal is peace, harmony, and unconditional love for yourself, and for your perpetrators.

Can a Soul Contract be Broken?

You won’t really know you have a soul contract with someone until you start to realize what’s happening between the two of you, and then acknowledging that you REALLY don’t want that anymore. If you’re in a bad romantic situation with someone, for instance, yes, you can absolutely break the contract by walking away from the relationship, letting go of the person, forgiving them, forgiving yourself, and moving on with your life.

If you can’t walk away from the relationship – for instance, if your soul contract is with your deadbeat dad – the best thing you can do is get to a place where they don’t trigger negative emotions in you. Then, if you work on loving their souls (it’s hard to love the ego-personality of someone who intentionally causes you pain), you can forgive and release them, and find freedom for yourself.

Do Soul Contracts Remain the Same from Lifetime to Lifetime?

From what I’ve seen in hundreds of past life readings, it appears that people tend to run the same patterns with other people. For example, I’ll have people give me a list of 10 names of people in their lives, and they’ll just laugh because the past life patterns with those people are similar to what they are experiencing now. There are no hard and true rules, though, and when it comes to karma, the tables do turn; I’ve seen people switch roles with each other over the ages.

How Can You Tell What Contracts You Have with People?

If you want to know more about the contracts you have with people in your life, all you really have to do is think a little bit about how certain people make you feel, and the bigger picture of why that might be. You can take it a step further and use your imagination, pretending your life is a fairy tale, and imagining what roles different people play. I guarantee you, you won’t be off base.

If you’re tired of the way a certain relationship is playing out, think about how you can stop the negative interactions and end the cycle. Just because a soul contract exists doesn’t mean you can’t use your free will to break it, shift it, and shatter the illusion that we have to struggle and suffer in disharmony in this lifetime.

What soul contracts give you the most grief in this lifetime. How are you working on breaking the cycle?