Spirit Guides and Butterflies


I love butterflies. They’re so light, and bright, and beautiful. Earlier this morning, I was walking to the gym and saw a woman crouched down on the sidewalk a bit of a ways ahead of me. She had a dog, and she got up and turned to walk away, and then turned back. As I approached, she looked at me and I realized she was talking to me. I took my blaring headphones off and tried not to worry that I was kind of in a hurry. She corralled her dog behind her and pointed to a butterfly on the ground and said it appeared to be hurt, or stuck. I bent down to see and sure enough, it wasn’t moving. She suggested we put it on a leaf and transport it somewhere, because someone might step on it, so I got a piece of bark that was right there and tried to get it under the butterfly. The girl said maybe the bark was too big and we should get an actual leaf.

The thought crossed my mind that she might be a little nuts (I’m a city dweller, OK?) but I found a nice leaf. I asked her if she wanted to do it and she said “No, you’re connected, you have a total energy connection with it.” I thought it was pretty funny she said that, as I always perk up my ears when I hear someone talk about energy and connection and all that. Anyway, I held out the leaf, and the butterfly, which we thought might be dead, but the girl said it wouldn’t be standing up if it were dead, gingerly stepped with its front legs onto the leaf, and then stepped all the way on with its back legs. We found a place to put it, introduced ourselves to one another, and then went our separate ways.

I didn’t look too much into the meaning of this, cause I had a bazillion things on my mind this morning, except that it was wonderful to meet someone who cared enough about the well-being of a butterfly to not worry about asking a complete stranger to help her save it.

But then later today, I went to work at my friend Kristi’s house, where I’m writing this now. She lives in a beautiful place where you can sit and work on your computer outside, with lots of plants and birds and a view of a nice canyon and absolutely gorgeous trees. A butterfly flew by, and Kristi asked “Do you think spirit guides can come through as butterflies?” I hadn’t told her about the butterfly incident this morning, so it was a total surprise to me that that came up.

I always thought of butterflies and hummingbirds as living symbols and signs that spirit guides are around (and I talk about that in my Meet and Work with Spirit Guides Instant MP3 Download workshop.)  But I never thought a guide would actually materialize as a butterfly. But why not? When you think about it, it just makes the easiest sense. The world as we see it is technically an illusion, so the more open we are to believing that things are not always as they may seem to be, the more we can allow, and then create, the space for fascinating, magical, and interesting things to happen.

There’s a tree I can see from the deck I’m sitting on, and one of the gnarled branches looks like a mythical fish-like creature. There’s a statue of Quan Yin who appears to be supressing a giggle. I’m sure we’ll see another butterfly spirit guide soon. One of Kristi’s orchids appears to be smiling at me right now.

And why not?