My Take on Tarot Cards


Around the time I began working on developing my clairvoyance, I discovered the tarot. I’d never quite understood how all that worked, but I read Sonia Choquette’s classic book “The Psychic Pathway” and she talked about using the cards as a child, and how they helped her develop her psychic skills and do readings for others. I loved Sonia’s teaching style so much, and resonated with her, so I knew that the tarot would be something I could really get into.

Around that time, my husband I and took a trip to France. I love to shop, but the only thing I REALLY super wanted from that trip was a pack of French tarot cards. I looked for them in Paris but to no avail. One day, while in the Loire Valley, we just so happened to go into this little village, and then just so happened to wander into a little shop, where I just so happened to find the perfect deck of Albano-Waite French tarot cards. They are really magical, and to this day, though I have other decks of cards, they’re my go-to source; in fact, sometimes, it’s like they sing to me!

Once we were back home, I picked up some books and started to read and learn about the significance of the cards, how to do layouts, and how to interpret what the cards mean. The pictures on my cards were so beautiful that they captured my fancy, and the ancient symbolism triggered something in my subconscious. It was as if I already knew what the cards meant.

The tarot is all about divination through ancient mysteries and archetypal images, and if you’ve been a spiritual seeker or mystic of certain schools or philosophies in other lifetimes, chances are, it will resonate with you on some deep level.

If you’re a visual person, and you’re intrigued by tarot cards, all you have to do is get a deck you think is visually appealing, buy some books (the simple ones are the best for beginners), and then practice doing spreads and reading the cards daily. It’s not difficult to do; you just have to relax your mind and let your intuition take the reigns.

The tarot is a great way to access your inner voice; it really helped me to tune in and I still use it regularly for myself, tackling the most mundane and the most complicated issues. I find it’s a great tool to help me quiet my mind and focus, and wonderful ideas and notions and insights just pop into my head.

Do you use Tarot cards? If so, what’s your favorite deck?