Is your purpose only about work?


One of the most common questions I hear in sessions is: “What is my purpose in life?”

And it’s almost ALWAYS related to making money and career.

But there are so many other reasons we’re here that have nothing to do with money whatsoever, and if we can just acknowledge that and embrace it, our souls will grow by leaps and bounds, and enlightenment will be something that actually feels attainable, vs. this concept that only monks and highly spiritual people have access to or can reach.

Your purpose for being here is not just about how you earn your money. And if you follow your truth, and work with your talents and gifts, you’ll both learn, and teach, important lessons that can help with the evolution of everyone on this planet.

Here’s an example, albeit a small one:

As a person who has been bullied, both within my family and at a couple of different office jobs, I am firmly opposed to bullying, and committed to doing what I can to speak out about it and to stop it from being tolerated.

This morning, Ivan insisted on wearing a knitted beanie with all these planets and stars on it (even though it’s like 100 degrees in October here in LA). Under his hat, he tucked a mini flashlight, so he had this flashlight hidden on top of his head under his hat. Genius!

When we got to school, his frenemy Michael pointed to the hat and started laughing, because it looked odd and funny. Ivan’s face totally changed from excited and confident to scared and sad. Why was Michael laughing at him? Michael went to get Mark, who is a sweet-natured boy, to tell him Ivan looked funny today. I was kind of just standing there watching it all, and without thinking, I looked at Mark, then Michael, and I said “Hey, guys! Ivan has the coolest hat on today and he’s hiding something really funny underneath it. Mark, come see!” and instead of making fun, suddenly both of them looked intreagued and interested, and Ivan then showed them the flashlight, which they loved, and wanted to play with. The whole scene changed in an instant and I ducked out while Mark and Michael marveled over the ingenuity of Ivan’s getup.

Granted, toddlers are easily influenced, but the whole scenario made me think about teasing, and bullying, and how children can be taught to be kind to each other, and how that can make them grow up into adults who are caring and thoughtful. So many grownups love to gossip, to say negative things about each other, and that’s just so ugly and low-vibrational. What gives? and what’s the point? It’s just mean and small-minded.

My life experiences have fed my beliefs that smack-talking and bullying are negative and unproductive, and now one of my purposes is to do what I can, in whatever little way I can, to influence people to NOT be like that. I, too, try to be diligent about not gossiping, criticizing, or judging others.

You purpose is never just about work. It’s about all the gifts you have and how you share them, about what you bring to the table in life. Maybe you give great hugs and make people feel better. Perhaps you love your animals and give them a good life. Maybe your belief in treating the planet better influences others to do the same, and we end up restoring the vibration of the earth. In any event, you are here for a reason, and every little thing you do makes a difference, even if you can’t see it right away.

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