How to Get the BEST Guidance for Yourself


Have you ever had moments where you’re like, “That would be the BEST idea EVER!” and then you do do it, and it turns out to be not so great after all?

I do!

In fact, the other day, while walking home from the gym, I had this amazing idea about a new work project involving a friend. I thought it was the best idea and I got all excited about it.

This friend is really super busy right now now, to the point of feeling completely overwhelmed, so before I ran the idea by her, I stopped and checked in with my tarot cards first. I’ve been using cards a lot for my personal life lately, because I find I can be more objective that way. It’s not the easiest thing to be psychic for yourself, and reading the cards provides an easier way to check into my own life circumstances (these days at least) than being clairvoyant or clairaudient.

I calmed my mind, shuffled the cards, and asked the question. And sure enough, the cards told me it wouldn’t be the best idea to approach my friend with. They said there were other things for me to focus on, and this work project, which involved investing a bit of money, would not pay off.


That wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but when I thought about it, it made complete sense.

So, if you have a big decision to make, or want more insight for yourself before doing something, take some time out and really get a feel for what the best steps are. If you have cards, use those for insight. If not, just mediate until you feel very calm and clear and quiet, and you know you’re not going to be following advice from your chatterbox monkey mind, but from your intuitive, higher self.

Doing this will save you a LOT of time and money! And the more you make it a habit to check in first, the easier life will get, because it will train you to be in the flow.