How Precognition Works (or Doesn’t)


Recently, I really got into thinking about my personal life as far as precognition, the future, and potential outcome is concerned. I don’t predict things for clients, as people have free will and we all make our own futures; it’s better for clients to take responsibility for their own destiny rather than ask me to tell them what it will be. You can’t count on that type of information to be 100% accurate, because the future is constantly shifting and changing based on our thoughts, energies, emotions, and actions.

Anyway, here are two interesting examples of how the future ended up playing out accurately in a certain sense, but not in the way I assumed it would be.

Similar Outcome – Different People

We were invited to a dinner with some family that was in town a few months ago and I was looking forward to it. It would have been 6 of us altogether – four parents and two kids. However, they had to cancel the morning of due to unforseen circumstances. A couple of hours later, friends invited us to dinner, and we ended up meeting with them and having a great time. Now, of course I didn’t do a reading on all this, but if I had, it would have shown that we would have ended up having dinner with people who we like a lot, who actually in fact are very similar to the family we’d have had dinner with, and it would be a great time, we’d all feel happy, etc. etc. Just with a slight difference in that they were different people.

Similar Outcome – Different Place

Here’s another interesting case. Recently, a friend invited me to join her in Athens, Greece. I love Greece and I know I’ve been Greek in many a past life, because during our honeymoon there I knew Athens like the back of my hand and people spoke to me in Greek, assuming I knew what they were saying. These are my people, clearly. I seriously considered going, but decided not to because I wasn’t comfortable traveling that far out of the country without my husband and toddler son. I’ve never been too far from them since Ivan was born and I just knew I’d feel weird. Now, it turns out that around that same time I would have been in Athens, at the last minute a friend offered her timeshare for us to use in the mountains a few hours outside of the city. I could go there and work/write for a couple of days during the week, and then my husband and son could meet me on the weekend. I took her up on it, and while I was there I recognized a funny thing. Note that this is the same time period as the potential Athens trip.

I was alone in a new place and looking forward to seeing my family (good thing they were only a couple hours away, though!)
The temperature was similar to that in Greece (moderately cooler than in LA)
The landscape was similar to where I live (which is what it’s like in Greece around Athens)
The nearest thoroughfare to the place I stayed was called Olympic
I was happily experiencing a place that I had visited once before, but years ago – just like Greece.
Spiritually speaking, I was enjoying being in an environment with an ancient and strong sense of natural energy, which is what I would have experienced in Greece, only differently, if that makes sense.

Isn’t that kind of interesting?

These are just two examples of cases where it would seem that a certain outcome would take place, but it didn’t – and yet similar emotions and circumstances occurred. Precognition is definitely possible, but future events and circumstances don’t always turn out exactly the way you would think they would!