Happy Thanksgiving! What are You Grateful For?


It’s Thanksgiving Week here in the US. While I am not at all fond of Thanksgiving dinner itself (and I don’t like pumpkin pie!), it’s lovely to have a holiday where we focus on what we’re grateful for. In fact, prayers and meditations on gratitude are extremely powerful. Just direct your thoughts for 5 or 10 minutes several times a week, and think about all the people and things you are grateful for, and you will really raise your vibes, shift your perspective, and dramatically improve your life!

Here are some of the things I’m grateful for:

My husband Ryan
My son Ivan
Aloysius and Coco, the cats who are sharing their lives with us
You! for being here and reading what I write
The gift of health
My family, for being who they are
The friends who have been so kind, loving, and loyal
My morning espresso
All of the thoughtful, generous, life-changing spiritual teachers who have helped me heal
The fulfilling and inspiring work I do that can help transform people’s lives
The people who have shared their spirits with me and let me do readings and healings on them
The gift of connecting to my higher power
Fresh fruit, delicious veggies, cheese!, dark chocolate, jalapenos and ice cream
Delicious wine from all over the world
Great stories
Beautiful art
Cold mornings, cozy blankets, pajamas, and cartoons
The great outdoors and the magnificent beauty of the world we live in

My list could go on forever, but I don’t want to bore you! What are some of the things and people you’re grateful for?

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