Dolphin Symbolism and Energy Healings


I was following a great guided meditation the other day, and out of nowhere (in my mind’s eye) came a crystal clear vision of a dolphin. It was so happy and uplifting, and I know it’s appearance was intentional – that is, this just didn’t come out of nowhere. I immediately recalled a healing I had a few years ago, in which a dolphin spontaneously came up and swam next to me. That was the first time a dolphin appeared to me during a healing session, and it was really interesting and I knew it had a deeper symbolism.

I love dolphins (who doesn’t?). In fact, when I was in New Zealand a while ago, I booked this dolphin swim adventure in Kaikoura, where they take you out on a boat into the ocean and drop you in there to swim with the pods of dolphins who love to roam by and play with people. One of the people in my group was a pregnant lady and the tour leader told her that dolphins love pregnant ladies! How sweet is that?

It’s common knowledge that dolphins are highly intelligent, social creatures, and that they have a an amazing, wonderful, powerful healing energy. I know that when these dolphins came through for me, they meant I had good energies around me and that I was receiving guidance and assistance from higher planes.

For more info on dolphins and other animal spirit guides, check out this website: or read Animal Spirit Guides (link embedded) by Stephen Farmer, Ph.D., an expert in this realm.