Debra Lynne Katz’s BRAND NEW 2015 Remote Viewing Training Program!


As I’ve said a million times, I learned how to be psychic. With the right guidance and techniques, anyone can do what I do – and much, much more. I worked with Debra Lynne Katz, and loved her method and teaching style so much that I wanted to get the word out about a new program she’s offering through her International School of Clairvoyance – Remote Viewing Training!

Remote viewing is a fascinating field of interest because the processes that are used are incredibly specific and detail-oriented. It’s not emotional – it’s very scientific. In my experience, remote viewing is like sending a part of your consciousness somewhere to check something out and record what you see. You’re not astral projecting because you’re in your body. There are no emotions involved, and no woo-woo stuff; only simple observation.

Debra taught me how to do remote viewing when I trained with her in her one-on-one clairvoyant training program. I remote viewed several targets with a good degree of accuracy. I went on to practice doing remote viewing on my own, and just recently realized that one time I actually bi-located, which means being in two places at once, and I’ll talk about that another time. It’s like something out of a sci-fi novel!

Since my training, I’ve personally used remote viewing mostly to find things around the house. However, I can get lazy and tend to just dig around til I find something rather than sit down and direct my consciousness to show me where it is. In fact, I’m missing a book right now, and debating whether or not to remote view it or just wait for it to turn up. My favorite remote viewing story is when I remote viewed the TV remote control when Ivan was a baby. We searched for it forever and I finally sat down to remote view it, and then got up and went straight to where it was – wedged between the play pen and the wall. FUNNY!

In sessions with clients, however, I use remote viewing to tune into their physical bodies to detect signs of illness. If you’re interested in doing that, remote viewing is an essential skill to have.

Other people use remote viewing to view life on other planets, to help solve missing persons cases, to travel back in time and witness things as they happened, and/or to just experience how powerful the human mind can be.

If you have an interest in remote viewing and want to learn how to do it, I really recommend working with Debra. She’s an excellent teacher and guide, and you will not believe how incredibly fun it is to do remote viewing. It’s staring this September, so click here for more info!