Clairvoyant Sessions and Relationship Healings


So I did a session with a woman who was having a hard time with her sort-of ex. Here’s what happened in a nutshell: He cheated on his wife with her (the client), and then his marriage ended and he and his wife got a divorce. He and the client were really in love, and I can honestly say that when I viewed the magnetism between the two of them it was very powerful. HOWEVER, he was so guilty over the end of his marriage that he couldn’t be with the client. He’d be drawn to her and they’d spend days together and have a wonderful time, but then he’d feel so much guilt that he’d tell her it was over and there was no way he could ever or would ever want to be with her again.


Just so you know, my job is to be totally objective here, so there is absolutely no judgement on my part. It’s not my business.

Ok, so in the client’s session, she asked about how he was feeling because they’d stopped communicating. And I did a classic clairvoyant healing technique to clear the lines of communication between them. (It is VERY, VERY UNETHICAL to do energy work on another person without their permission, but you can do techniques to heal and clear whatever can be healed between two people, with the permission of Higher Power/God and divine healing light energy.)

And wouldn’t you know, he came back around and they had a wonderful few days together again. It was sublime.

But then he went dark again.


And she asked about doing another session. And I was going to say ok fine, but then I realized something. She could continue to have me do relationship healings on this (I told her how to do it but she didn’t feel she could do it) until the cows came home, but the bottom line is, the DUDE needs to do the work too, or the same old cycle is going to happen again and again.

If you feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster with someone, a clairvoyant session and/or energy healings can work, and might even really help repair things, but they still won’t change the other person. They have to do that for themselves -if, and only if, they want to and are ready.

And that’s that!