Are People Not Hearing What You Have to Say?


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A dear client asked me to talk about this the other day and it is a HUGE deal! What I have seen in working with clients and in my own life is that when you really start to notice that people aren’t hearing or listening to you when you try to speak/communicate…

  • This is a calling to shift and transform old, outdated energy and feelings that you are not good enough or are lesser than others in any way
  • You DO have important things to contribute and you are preparing to ground into that
  • It’s time to heal/clear your solar plexus and throat chakras
  • You are growing into yourself and creating more space for your spirit to communicate on the earth plane
  • You might want to re-think certain relationships
  • It’s time to work on the tone of your voice and how you project it

The video above will help with some ideas that can change things up, but the most important message I can convey here is that if you are on the spiritual path, and you start to notice that people are not letting you speak (in any situation – at work, with friends, or at home), you are definitely being called to change that because what you have to say is important. Words are powerful and can be very, very healing. So it’s critical that you ground into your seat of power (solar plexus chakra) and your voice (throat chakra) because you are being called to do so. If you set your mind to it, you can and will change this.

And I wish you the best of luck!!

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