5 Things to do to Meet Mr. Right


Many of the people I work with just SO do not like dating online and I can see why. In almost every session where I’ve looked at that, I’ve seen it as a catalogue that people flip through. Some are worse than others. When one girl asked about guy after guy after guy she’d met on an online dating site, I had to pause and ask her just what it was, because it seemed like they were only there for hook-ups. It was Tinder.

I met my husband many a year ago at 24 Hour Fitness. I got up and went there every day at 6am, because I had an office job where I sat around all day. I noticed that he arrived there every day at 6am, and I thought he was super cute. I began to look for him but I pretended not to see him. And I developed a huge crush on him. I remember I’d get to work in the morning and write emails to my best friends about seeing him and how cute he was. Luckily for me, he was doing the same thing (not emailing friends, but noticing me), and finally, finally, finally! we talked. And the rest is history.

I developed a whole audio workshop with tips, meditations, and writing exercises to help you meet someone – it’s called Magnetize Your Soul Mate – so if you are interested in more in-depth energy work, definitely check it out! In the mean time, here are 5 things you can do to Meet Mr. Right:

1. Get JAZZED 
The more naturally happy and excited you are about life, the more attractive you are to other people. You sparkle and shine like a bright light, and people love light. So listen to some music you love, raise your vibes, and start noticing the life around you!

A lot of women don’t see the guys around them, or don’t notice an opportunity to smile at someone, or give a guy a chance to talk to them. If you seem in any way to be cold, haughty, aloof, or in “don’t look at me!” mode, nobody is going to talk to you. But if you pay attention, and you’re in an open, receptive, happy mode, you will notice more men, they will notice you, and that will make it that much easier to meet Mr. Right!

3. Look GOOD.
When you love yourself, you love your reflection in the mirror, you wear clothes that make you feel great, your skin is glowing, etc etc etc, it just naturally follows that you’ll be in a better space to meet Mr. Right. So many people KNOW this, but they don’t DO ANYTHING about it. Go look through your closet and tell me you can’t get rid of at least a few things you wear that are not really the very most flattering.

4. Go where the BOYS GO.
Do you get up, drive to work, eat at your desk, drive home, and then repeat the next day, adding in an errand or two? If this is the way it is, how are you EVER going to meet anyone? I get that it’s hard to do things during the week, but just try and be creative. Go to the gym before or after work. Maybe stop at a cafe where cute men are. Eat lunch where men go eat lunch. On the weekends, go where guys go. Sports-related anything, home depot, car shows, church, the park, etc. And when you’re out, GET JAZZED, LOOK GOOD, and PAY ATTENTION!

5. Don’t EVER fear that it won’t happen.
Your create the situations that you focus on. So start getting into that positive mindset and KNOW that you are going to meet him and it’s going to be great. There is no reason why you shouldn’t meet Mr. Right. In fact, it’s statistically in your FAVOR to meet and fall in love with someone. There’s no shortage of men, and with how easy it is to travel and get around these days, you have the entire world at your feet. Believe that you are going to meet him. Make it fun, make it a game, and enjoy every minute of it. This is FUN! This is how manifesting works, at it’s very, very best. You can do it. All it takes is good vibes and your imagination.

Good luck with this, and if you need more help, check out Magnetize Your Soul Mate!