3 Reasons You Might be an Extra-Sensitive Empathic Person


When I first heard of the term “empath,” I thought it was so cool and interesting. My initial reaction was, “Wow! Someone who is so sensitive that they can sense what other people are feeling!”

Then, when I started delving more into psychic and intuitive development, and I realized I was an empath myself, I came to understand that it’s not exactly something that’s easy to work with. Being extra sensitive can be quite overwhelming, especially when you just want to turn it off and feel what you’re feeling, not what the whole rest of the world around you is feeling. For tips on dealing with being extra empathic, check out this blog post: 10 Coping Tips for Emotional Empaths, or my new Mp3 instant downloadable audio workshop, Psychic Protection for Empaths and Sensitive People. 

Once you are aware that you’re extra sensitive, you can start to decipher what triggers you respond to, and then adjust your environment accordingly – meaning, don’t go to the gym when it’s extra crowded, or avoid certain types of people, places, music, movies, etc.

It’s helpful, though, to figure out why you might be empathic in the first place (other than the basic idea that you were just BORN a sensitive person, which is also commonly the case). Here are 3 reasons that could be useful in explaining why:

1. You were raised in an environment that caused you to become hyper-vigilant.

Whether your parents argued a lot, or treated you badly, or were sick, or you were teased and bullied at school, if you were raised in an environment that caused you to be extra hyper aware of everything that was going on around you, you most likely developed the traits of an empathic person. Let’s say you were verbally abused by a parent. You’d spend your day at school dreading what they were going to do when you got home, and you thought of all kinds of things you could do to avoid their harsh criticism. You’d cope by feeling them out, not only with your 5 senses, but with your intuitive, or 6th, sense as well, as a means of being vigilant so as to pre-determine whether or not you’d be attacked. That caused you to be extra-senstive, a trait you now take with you as an adult to your relationships at home, with friends and family, and at work.

2. Your aura is not strong, and your spirit isn’t always grounded in your body.

If you’re a dreamer, or you find yourself “checked out” a lot of the time, not really aware of what’s going on around you, then you’re ungrounded. It’s more common than you’d think. Some people are just natural dreamy types, and prefer to be floaty and perhaps a bit spacey (or too much in their heads, and not their bodies). Other people develop holes, rips, tears or just overall weaknesses in their aura as the result of psychic trauma or long-term abuse (even mild abuse or injustice can weaken the aura). Your spirit cycles in and out of your body at a constant rate, and for some, their spirit just floats off into never-never land, leaving their body and consciousness exposed to the vibrations of everyone around them. This is easy to fix, though – you just have to work on getting grounded. For tips on that, check out this blog post: 9 Warning Signs You’re Ungrounded.

3. You just had a baby (even if that was 3 years ago).

I had to put this in there because of personal experience!! I was already sensitive, but once my son was born, I could hardly do readings for people, because they literally drained the life out of me. I’d feel awful during and after my sessions. I’ve spoken to other intuitive and psychic moms who have experienced the same things. Some of us just get so, so sensitive – not only are our hormones awry, but we’re also protecting and nurturing a whole new life who is completely reliant upon us for everything. Part of what I’ve discovered from my sessions with clients, as well as sessions I’ve gotten for myself, is that your spirit sits with your child. Meaning, not only are you working on inhabiting your own body, but you’re also with your baby’s body, making sure he or she is OK. In time, as they become more independent, your consciousness won’t need to work so hard to be with them – now that Ivan is almost 3, I’m doing a little bit better – but I still need to work my psychic protection techniques really hard in order to feel strong during and after sessions. Moms are spread really thin, not only in the physical activities department, but also spiritually. This makes us just super sensitive, more likely to be ungrounded (see #2), and more liable to be sensitive to the energy of our environments.

I’m sure there are more than 3 reasons you might be extra sensitive. What do you think?

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  • pk14   

    I am definitely an Empath! 100% …for many reasons…basically my upbringing. Avoiding certain situations & people are a must.