The Easiest Way to Figure out Who You’ve Been in a Past Life


There are tons of ways to get an idea of who you’ve been in your past lives – professional past life regressions, self-guided hypnosis, meditations, and more. But the simplest way to figure out your previous incarnations is blissfully easy and fun!
It’s just all about what you loved as a child. What you were OBSESSED with. What you played for hours on end. What you drew. What you thought about.

It’s not like remembering this will give you all the keys you need to discover who you were in a past life, but it will absolutely give you major clues as to what you may have loved in previous incarnations, or what kinds of experiences you went through.

Reincarnation is one of my favorite topics in the whole realm of psychic and intuitive development. By learning more of who you are and have been, you’re better able to figure out why you’re here now, and get closer to mastering the lessons you’ve intended on mastering, as well as living the life you really want to live at a deep soul level. And how fun is that!?!