When You Feel like Earth is a Foreign Place…


In honor of today’s rare Super Blue Blood Moon (which took me quite literally by surprise as I was walking to the gym at 6am – it was HUGE! and BREATHTAKING!!!), today’s message will be short and sweet!

The video above is not so much about tips and advice, but more anecdotal and hopefully a tad thought-provoking regarding our relationship with planet Earth. There are many people here who feel like earth is foreign to them, and for good reason: it is. They have not always reincarnated on the earth, and their souls are literally from ELSEWHERE.

I did a video a while back about souls reincarnating to earth from other galaxies, and it really got some people fired up and upset. Which is amusing to me. We live in a multiverse of vast proportions and know very little about other galaxies. The idea that there would NOT be life elsewhere makes no sense at all whatsoever. As does the idea that only human beings and human souls from planet earth are reincarnating back into human bodies on planet earth.

I have met with enough people over the years to be pretty sure that there are plenty of folks here who were not here before. Sensitive souls, some very odd souls, yes; but all souls who have a sense that earth is foreign to them.

There is so much more to the scheme of things than we can ever be fully aware of, and I just wanted to chat about it a little bit here. I hope it resonates and you find it interesting!

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