Psychic-ness and Spirituality are Not One and the Same


I’ve been grappling with something lately. It’s the whole psychic thing, and the whole spiritual thing, and the general consensus that they are one and the same.

But they’re not. They’re really not.

Being psychic involves utilizing your brain power in a different way. When you’re being psychic, you’re processing data differently. You can train your brain to do this. This is not, in and of itself, spiritual. This is about maximizing the power of your brain and your awareness. The CIA trained soldiers to conduct remote viewing exercises utilizing their innate ESP abilities. This is what I’m talking about – we can all do this, and things like this, and it doesn’t have to be spiritual.

Being spiritual means raising your consciousness to a different level of understanding. It’s a whole other layer of experience, in which you become one with your spirit, and you begin to truly honor and respect the spirit of others.

You can be psychic and spiritual at the same time, but one does not define the other.

If you want to be psychic, and you don’t want to be spiritual, you don’t have to. You can still train your brain to process information differently. If you want to be truly spiritual, more evolved and conscious, you don’t have to be psychic – but you probably will be more intuitive. It just seems to be something that happens.

When you train your brain to function psychically, you tend to release the inhibitions that your logical mind sets up that prohibit you from fully connecting and interacting with people, places, and things. When you switch over to psychic mode, you can train yourself to see the world of energy. You can bypass your ego and connect with the spirits of others, while connecting with your own spirit. You can learn and understand on a deeper level. You can elevate your consciousness. This is what makes it spiritual – if you want to take it there.

The ease with which spirituality expands when you train your brain to become more psychic is an added bonus to the whole process. When you connect with and commune with your higher self, and the higher selves of others, you feel more whole. You become a living part of the bigger picture, and you get to learn a bit more about the nature of the universe. You see that we are all connected, and we are all one. And you in turn are able to shift, heal, and grow.

That’s way more fun than just being psychic and knowing if you were right about something.

What do you think?

Say Readers...

  • Sonja   

    Thanks for taking the time to write these weekly articles! I am learning a lot and enjoy reading them.

    I see the difference now between tapping into psychic abilities and becoming spiritual. I am not clear on the difference between the higher self and the spirit, if any? Also, are there other names for Self (the mode we are usually in)?

  • Krishanti   

    Thank you!!

    I think the higher self and the spirit are the same. It's the you that has lived before and will continue to live on, the part of you that knows more than your personality in this lifetime does.

    I think the other name for Self, the mode we're usually in, is the Ego. Saints, and monks, and other highly spiritual people have been known to transcend the ego (also called reaching enlightenment!) but it can take a lifetime of work.