This is a portrait I took of my cat, Aloysius. Doesn’t he look wise? He loves to help with readings (he knows which clients like cats). He sits in their laps and relaxes during the session as they pet him.

I did a consultation for a client today who has a big choice to make: taking a stressful job for big money, or following her dreams into the unknown, down a path that may or may not ensure wealth or success. It’s her choice to make. She’s incredibly intelligent, beautiful, and driven: to me, it seems that she can make anything happen. And yet, what she’s facing right now is a big, scary decision: the choice between comfort or adventure. Kind of selling out (for big money, though), or entering into a whole other world, a whole new job in a different field across the country. In our session, I just helped her see more clearly the choices she had, what each job would mean, what the people would be like, how she would feel, etc. Ultimately, the choice is hers. My job was to help with clarity, to help her clearly see what she’s choosing between.

As is often the case with readings, I faced a similar circumstance this week. I received an offer for a job that, for all intents and purposes, seemed fine, almost great. But something in my gut told me not to take it. My body was tense, upset. I couldn’t sleep. I felt resentful, angry, even. For me, the choice between following the status quo, taking another marketing-related job which I can do and which will pay me a decent enough salary, or…not. Or following my dreams, trusting myself to know what will work for me and what won’t. It was so hard for me to decide, but I finally chose to turn the offer down. And now, a whole new future awaits. Am I scared? Yes. Am I going to keep stressing about it? I hope not.

Say Readers...

  • Jeannette   

    Sounds like you went with your intuition and made the right decision. We should all learn to trust our intuition more. It might save us a lot of trouble!
    Love your cat!

  • K.   

    Thanks. I agree – trusting ourselves is so important. I'm so grateful to be able to work on this.
    I love Aloysius, too! He's a sweetheart, as is his new sister, Coco. She doesn't cuddle during readings, but listens just outside the door.

  • abigail kilronan   

    That is huge to turn down a job in this market but if you feel so strongly about it, it's probably best. Aside from the financial factor, the stress is there whether you have a job or not.

    He is indeed a wise looking cat! I love the MF's.

  • K.   

    I know, I know! Lost HOURS of sleep over it. Tough decision.

    I love them, too! I thought your name sounded familiar and then I remembered that song.
    My friend Lisa taught herself the ukulele and now she can play "A Pretty Girl is Like a Pretty Girl." 🙂