I am sure you’ve heard the phrase “what’s your story” or, if you’re working on improving yourself and your life, the healing method whereby you re-write the story of your life.

We all have a story; our lives are stories. What is your story like? Is it the kind you’d love to read? Or are you telling yourself, and everyone around you, a story that diminishes you or keeps you in a pattern or cycle that is less than positive?

If you are in a scenario that’s not so great and you want to change it, the first thing to do is to look at it as though it is nothing but a pretend story. What are you telling people about yourself and your life? What do you talk about all the time? What are you thinking about? How are you perpetuating this story?

Many of us wear our stories like a cloak around our bodies. They become interwoven with our aura, and therefore these stories literally become US. But if we stop talking about the stories, stop complaining about them, and stop being them, we can remove that cloak and don a new, sparkling cape that tells a different story.

Life is all about cycles, patterns, eras. And the biggest thing about these cycles and patterns and eras is that they can all come to an end. They can mutate, shift, and transform. We can choose to end patterns, become different people, and improve our lives. It just takes a concerted effort and a willingness to shed the old skin in order to make way for new growth.

It’s not like we’re getting rid of ourselves, our core being – it’s an upgrade. If you want a laugh, I made this video (in which I talk about getting rid of physical objects when I did The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up earlier this year) wearing a dress that I got in high school. It’s one of the few clothing relics from that era and I kept it to remind myself that I can change, and be a new and improved version of myself, but still retain that part of me that was young and hopeful and wore a silly yellow dress from a vintage store with red lipstick. In essence, still be me. Does that make sense?

I have done a lot of work on re-writing the story of my life, and little by little, it has made a difference. There are two easy ways you can do it. One is doing a hypnotic regression or guided meditation where you go back to your childhood and change the really traumatic things and make yourself feel better. Another involves associating with a new archetypal image and imagining you are that god or goddess or superhero. Both have been amazing for me – so try them if you are so inclined! All it takes is a little time and imagination.

If you are interested in healing and transforming your life, remember I’m always here to help, with readings, energy healings, on-demand meditations and my psychic development training program. So just reach out! 🙂

Hi There!

Today’s message is all about shifting your vibration to manifest or attract a romantic partner. It’s part of a two-part series on shifting your vibes to manifest what you want, so next week will be about money!!

The last time I manifested a partner was ages ago since I’ve been married for over a decade, but one never forgets the magic of how that happens. PLUS, I work with women on a daily basis addressing issues just like this, so I am “in the know” about it all. 😉

And it’s 100% true that your vibration is EVERYTHING when it comes to magnetizing in a romantic partner!!!

The video above addresses all of the things you need to know, but here is a short list of things you must do in order to be in the zone of attraction:

  • Be genuinely excited about your life
  • Make sure you really really really do want a romantic partner (a list of your ideal person’s qualities always helps)
  • Don’t cloak yourself: let your aura shine brightly
  • Muster up that “in love” feeling – FOR YOURSELF
  • Practice Mindfulness and being in the present moment so you don’t let your thoughts take over and bum you out
  • Get out there and go where that person might go!

As I always say…there are over 6 BILLION people on the planet right now, so the chances of you NOT meeting someone are close to nil, really. It’s all about your vibe (and a little bit of fate which I mention at the end of the video).

And remember, if you need help with connecting to your own intuition or would like guidance in any area of your life, I’m here to do readings, healings, spiritual coaching packages AND one-on-one psychic development training – so don’t hesitate to contact me for a session at ask@krishanti.com.

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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE things that smell divine. LOVE THEM!!! And I’m crazy about essential oils. They really do make me feel good. All I have to do to shift my energy is go into my closet, take out a little bottle, and smell it. Ahhh, aromatherapy!!!!

In this week’s video I talk about essential oils that help you to meditate, raise your vibration, and activate your clairvoyance/psychic abilities/third eye. I used to burn incense a lot, but now that I have a young one at home, I don’t want to have all that smoke in the air. Plus now I have a super amazing essential oil diffuser that is INCREDIBLE and lets me disperse the most beautiful aromas throughout my mediation/reading/energy healing space.

There are tons of essential oils you can use, and they really do help you to calm down or get energized, to help you tune in, raise the energy of a space, and heal you. You can use them in your skincare, put them onto your pulse points, and diffuse them. You can also clean with them, put them into your homemade toothpaste, ingest them, and all sorts of other things too but I usually just put them in my skincare blends and diffuse them.

In the video above, I talk about the ones I use specifically in the work I do. Because it is a longer video (20 minutes!) here is a short breakdown for you of SOME of the oils I use/talk about:

Frankincense: to create a sanctimonious atmosphere
Rosemary: to get you psychic!
Cinnamon: for psychic protection
Lavender: for relaxation, soothing
Cedar: to help with your personal power
Orange: to create an energy of joy

I love essential oils so much I also have a few room spray blends I made that can not only make a space smell better (I live with 3 boys if you count the cat), but also clear your aura and/or clear the energy of a room. Playing with essential oils is SO MUCH FUN!!! In fact, I’m expecting a delivery today with more rose oil, which my guides told me to incorporate into my skincare routine! I’m tickled and frankly, quite excited. It’s the little things, guys. The little things. 🙂

There are many different vibrations we can resonate with at any given time. The world is so full of fear, stress, and anxiety that many of us run these vibrations through our body constantly, sometimes not even fully aware that we are doing so. It takes effort to shift our vibrations and raise them to an octave that resonates more fully with who our spirits are and what we want to match up with and manifest in our lives. But that effort doesn’t need to be difficult. It can be blissfully easy and actually ridiculously simple to do. You just have to use your intent.

The next time you feel like your vibes are off, try one of these 5 ways to raise them:

1. Get out of the situation or room you’re in.

If things are getting too heavy, give yourself a break. You don’t HAVE to be stuck there. Get out. Go to the bathroom. Walk around the block. Run around the block. Or just get in your car and drive away altogether. If you can sing or hum or listen to music as you’re doing this, all the better – it will raise your vibes. Notice what’s around you and really pay attention to what you see. Move your body, get out of your head, and your vibes will instantly get higher.

2. Pet your cat or dog or bunny or pet gerbil.

In an audio I have from Abraham and Ester and Jerry Hicks, (I LOVE THEM!) Jerry says something like “I don’t want to feel bad. In fact, I’m going to sit here and pet my cat until I feel a little better.” Animals have great vibes, and cats in particular have a sort of chi that naturally helps soothe humans who like cat energy. Of course, whatever pet you have will love you and love to help you raise your vibes. Think about how much you love your animal friend and as you pet him or her, flowing pink and golden energy out through your hands. The animal will feel it and get a little healing, too. Allow that shared healing vibration to soothe your soul and raise your vibes.

3. Get your humor on board.

Joy and true laughter raises vibes in an INSTANT! Get a friend to tell you a funny story, or go find your favorite funny video on youtube. When I first started doing readings in a healing center, I became friends with a co-worker who had my exact same sense of humor. I think he is hysterically funny. We laughed our days away, playing tricks on each other in between sessions, listening to music, telling funny jokes, and just having the best time. My energy was so good, despite the pain of all the people I was doing sessions for. The world takes everything so seriously. Laughter just breaks up darkness and brings in good, happy, high vibrations. Try to see the humor in everything, including your own personal drama. Try and make fun of yourself and make light of issues that are weighing you down. Easier said than done, but the more you try, the better you’ll get at it.

4. Do something deliciously lavish for yourself.

This may mean taking a serious bubble bath, eating a bowl of popcorn on a Tuesday at 2pm, or opening a really nice bottle of wine for no reason other than you want to raise your vibes. Buy something pretty or cool for yourself. Enjoy the nice things you can do because you’re a grownup. Your vibes will respond accordingly.

5. Do something good for someone else. 

Smile at a stranger, hold the door for someone, or wait til a mother and her baby fully cross the street instead of cutting through the crosswalk in front of them in your car. If you’re in a situation where someone needs help, help them. Make a connection. If you feel like that’s not possible, at least think about what you can donate to others, or how you can help contribute to a greater cause on some level. Put a dollar in the tip jar, or in the donation box.

I love all of these things, but the best and very fastest thing that works for me is getting my humor on board. In fact, recently, when about to do some intense readings and healings, I’ve been saying a prayer and asking for higher guidance to help us lighten the tone and see the situation with more joy and humor. It is such a wonderful, high vibration, and laughter and joy really do break up darkness.

What helps you raise your vibes? Share in the comments below!