Meet and Work with Your Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides… Sounds whacky, right? Well guess what: they do exist! And they can help your in more ways than you can imagine – from the mundane (finding great buys on sale and amazing parking spaces) to the profound (an inexhaustible source of valuable information about your life and those around you, not to mention an incredibly powerful conduit for energetic healing). It’s just a matter of making the connection.

And when you do connect with your spirit guides – wonderful, enlightened beings, dedicated to helping you navigate your way through life – they will offer you guidance, wisdom, healing, and understanding. Your spirit guides have the capacity to help your soul grow.

This 90 minute workshop illustrates how to connect with your own personal spirit guides and communicate with them through techniques including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and the interpretation of signs. The recording also includes two powerful guided meditations.



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