Magnetize Your Soul Mate

Tired of searching for your soul mate? Bored with continually meeting people who just don’t fit the bill? Done with searching blindly for Mr. or Ms. Right?

Or do you feel like you’re stuck in a cycle of attracting the same type of person or situation, again and again?

Then it’s time to Magnetize Your Soul Mate – and this program can help!

The first step towards making a change in your life is to recognize that what you’re doing isn’t working – and then make the adjustments necessary to create space for new energy and circumstances to arise. This workshop will illustrate several techniques designed to help you re-direct the energy you’re projecting, in order to literally magnetize yourself and become irresistible to your ideal mate.

The program begins by helping you identify negative energies you may be projecting to the world: an outdated image, low self-esteem, and subconscious notions of diminished self-worth limiting the scope and caliber of the type of person you’re attracting. And once identified, releasing those energies.

The focus then shifts to sharpening your basic magnetism, making you irresistible to your ideal companion, using extremely powerful, magical energetic practices that will alter the both the energy you’re projecting and response you’re attracting.

This workshop requires a pen and notebook, and your intention to make definite changes that will dramatically improve your love life. If you dedicate yourself to following these techniques on a regular basis, you will be amazed by your transformation!



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