Meditation 5 Pack!

Energy Healing for Weight Loss and Toning: 24:55

A healing meditation to help you get grounded and centered, and then heal your vibration at a deep, cellular level so that your body can begin to shed unwanted pounds and become more firm and toned.

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Eating the Best Food for You: 14:38

This meditation will help you re-program your mind and help your spirit/higher self to guide you in the choices you make for the enjoyable nourishment of your body.

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The Will to Exercise: 10:01

A mediation to shift your vibration and release lethargy or blocks that stand in the way of creating a happy, fun exercise routine that you love.

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Energetic Face Lift: 12:01

This meditation uses 3 healing light energies that will help rejuvenate, restore, brighten, and lift your face and skin so that you glow from the inside out.

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Sparkle Brilliance: 8:47

You are a radiant light being. But sometimes, that light becomes dull and murky. This meditation will transform your vibration. Your inherent radiant light will sparkle with magnetic brilliance. Countless users have experienced amazing results — projecting irresistible attraction (especially to potential love interests!).

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Love Yourself: 9:06

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