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Are you seeking clarity, intuitive guidance, or energy work? I offer intuitive consultations, chakra readings and energy healings, past life sessions, animal consultations and more via phone or Skype. For info on how it works, scroll down on this page. Or to set up you appointment now, click on the buttons below.

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I learned how to be psychic, and you can, too. I can train you to do what I do so you can become a professional Intuitive, or I can teach you how to tap into your own intuition for your own personal and professional guidance and growth. I offer a comprehensive one-on-one program as well as an easy, go at your own pace ecourse option. Click here to train with me.

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One-on-One Sessions

Whether you’re seeking clarity, a deeper understanding of who you are and why you’re here, some grounded, strategic advice for your business or personal life, or just straightforward answers to the billions of questions on your mind – I’m here to help.

Choose one of the sessions below, or combine elements of any to create your own unique experience. One-on-one session pricing is as follows:

Phone or Skype

30 mins | $95
60 mins | $185
90 mins | $225

In Person

30 mins | $125
60 mins | $200
90 mins | $250

Basic Intuitive Consultation

This is a nuts-and-bolts type of session, designed to help you make solid, informed decisions. There’s no mystical, magical, deep soul lesson or purpose uncovered unless that’s what you specifically want and ask for. In this basic session, I rely on you to ask straight questions pertaining to anything from business strategies to relationships to life purpose to health, and I give you straight answers. I don’t go into energy work or mysticism, spirit guides or karma or past lives (unless you ask me to), and I don’t go exploring around your energy field to go off on unrelated tangents. It really is simple and straightforward: you ask, I answer.

Chakra Reading/Energy Healing Session

Here’s where sessions get mystical. Together, we’ll place a strong emphasis on energy work, into major powerful life and spirit-related matters that can be quite profound. As issues come to light, a powerful healing process begins. I’ll look into each of your energy centers and identify specific information that they hold within them. I will work with you to release patterns that no longer serve you, helping to restore balance and clarity. The chakras respond to the following areas addressed in this session: survival strength; emotions and feelings; will power; love and balance; ability to communicate; intuition; and spirituality. Some amazing and powerful shifts can come up during these sessions, so be prepared.

Past Lives Session

I’ll read your Akashic records to see where your soul connects with your current incarnation by exploring where you’ve been, and what you’ve been up to, in the past. Note that life wasn’t always so easy in the centuries before this one, and your spirit has most likely been through some pretty tough times. Chances are you’ve spent more time as a farmer or a goatherd than as Cleopatra or the Queen of England. It’s always interesting to go right to the first life that’s most impacting your current life, to see what themes you’ve carried over and how they’re affecting you now. Then we hop over to other lives and look for people you know now and see what relationships you had together before. If we see negative themes, we can work to clear that energy away and help get you on track to where you want to be.

Animal Consultation

Have you ever wondered what the nature of your pet’s daily experience is like? Animals possess pure energetic vibrations that are very easy to read. I can tune into your pet’s energy and uncover valuable information that can help you improve his or her life. Please note that it most likely won’t be super profound; most animals just love good food, fresh air, and happy, calm surroundings. However, it’s nice to know what your animal needs or craves, so that you can provide them with that. I’m not a vet, so it’s hard for me to diagnose specific health conditions, but I will certainly try, and tell you anything that I pick up.

More About Intuitive Consultations

Remember, you are the master architect of your own life, and you create your own future. I’ll get a snapshot of your energy and your current life path, then show you how you can personally create the happiest, brightest, most rewarding future possible.

The ultimate outcome: to bring you back to center feeling refreshed, renewed, recharged and in charge of your life.

This is a formal process, conducted in a serious and professional manner. Your session may have significant implications in your life and sessions can become very emotionally charged. Sessions are not meant to be taken lightly, as a parlor game or a playful exchange. The goal of each session is to address the core of your concerns with clarity, compassion and insight. I work to get to the bottom of your situation, revealing sound and accurate information integral to solidifying the direction of your life, empowering you to make the best possible decisions.

Regardless of how simple or complex the issue or problem you are struggling with is, I provide clear and direct counsel, exploring all aspects of the situation at hand. The answers arrived upon are not always immediately definitive. I can accurately predict future events; however, the future is NOT set in stone. The mere knowledge of a potential future event affords us the opportunity to change the future. Therefore, I counsel all of my clients to consider any predictions or answers uncovered in a session as solely a potential outcome, one that is within your grasp to influence.

What’s Better: On the Phone or In Person?

People often ask if it’s better to meet in person or over the phone. To be honest, that’s just up to your own personal preference. In-person rates are higher because they take significantly more time and energy for me to prepare myself and close down and heal the space after the session. They are also more taxing on my energy. If you’re looking for information, that can be provided as easily and clearly over phone or skype as in person. Energy work is also powerful at a distance, but there tends to be more of a connection in person. However, in the world of energy, there is no such thing as time or space, and that’s why a reading/healing for someone in Paris or Auckland or Timbuktu can be just as powerful and healing as one for someone sitting right here with me face to face. Bottom line, it’s what you feel would be best for you.

Cancellation Policy

I am a professional consultant, and my time is valuable. As with any doctor or therapist, I require 24 hour notice to cancel an appointment. If you need to re-schedule your appointment, please contact me at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start of your session. Failure to cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance results in the forfeit of your payment for the session. Please be prompt, as all appointments, regardless of the time we start, must end at the designated time (ie an hour long appointment starting at 10am must end at 11am, even if you arrive late). Please do not email me lengthy information about your situation before or after your session, as I do not have time to read it and it will not help your session in any way. Thanks for understanding!

Schedule Your Session

To request a session, send a quick email to noting the type of session + your date and time preferences. Please don’t include your history and/or goals:  We’ll get to that during your session.

PLEASE NOTE: No evening or weekend appointments are available at this time.


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If you have received email confirmation from me regarding scheduling your upcoming session, please use the below options to pay for your session BEFORE YOUR SESSION BEGINS. All phone/skype sessions must be paid for at least one hour before your appointment. In-person sessions, however, can either be paid for in advance or at the session, whichever you prefer.

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