I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of witches, but never really got into the practice of wicca. I did go into a witch’s shop once in New Orleans, and the dark energy there was palpable. I kid you not. It gave me a very bad feeling, and that was way before I began to meander through the intuitive realm.
I do believe that witches of old were really just people who were interested in magic, in what we are now recognizing as energy. They were into herbs and focusing their mind power with rituals. Some were probably very bad, doing bad spells to hurt others or bringing ill will upon their crops and flocks, and some were probably very good, acting as healers and midwives and using herbs and prayer and things like that to help people.
It’s a dark and rainy day today, perfect for nice, good witchy rituals and magical witchy gypsy music like this:

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