When Your Soul Speaks


Lately I’ve had this feeling that I’ve been learning and growing a lot. In New Agey spiritual terms it’s considered to be “downloading” or “upgrading” or “shifting.” Thank God, because if I had to live the rest of my life without and new insights or wisdom, that would be really be a shame.

So. Since I am pretty much always having a conversation with myself in my head, I introspect a lot. Recently I had some interesting insights and emotions come up about the past, and when I was a kid (I had your classic difficult childhood).

This morning, when I was out walking, I noticed the most incredible thing. My soul spoke, from a higher or other level, and suddenly the lens shifted and I was almost hovering above my life, realizing why things are or were the way they are or were, who people really are and why we’re in each other’s lives, and the great big giant reason for it all.

When your soul speaks, it’s the best thing ever.

When my soul spoke this morning, it was of course not chit-chatting to me like the voice in my head does. It washed over me like a gigantic tidal wave of love, and I was humbled by it. Now, of course you and I both know love is very powerful, but love can be experienced in trifling ways, like when you love chocolate, or you love cats. Not that the love of chocolate or cats isn’t freaking AMAZING, but this wave of love was so different. It was about a problem I’d been chewing over forever and ever, and I don’t want to go much into it because it’s about family stuff.

Last week, I was working on divination for myself, and as I’m trying to learn the iChing, I used that, in combination with tarot (because I use clairvoyance so much for work, sometimes it’s easier for me to just use these other tools for my own personal questions). And I got the best insight – another “shift” or “upgrade” if you will. The message the iChing delivered was so powerful I cried. And get this – I looked back on my notes and found that when I had asked a very similar question regarding the same situation, I got the exact same two hexagrams as answers. And the odds of that happening are incredible, so this was a big, big deal.

So my mind was integrating this information, my ego was processing it and learning to let go of the pain, and my soul was there, as it always is, sitting quietly, and waiting for me to be receptive to the wave.

The tidal wave that washed over me this morning was like looking at things from the other side, when the drama of life is over and done with and we’re all backstage reuniting, hugging each other and glad it’s over and wasn’t that the performance of a lifetime!?! Only not so much hugging each other, because when we’re not here we are all really one, and if that isn’t the best thing in the multi-verse I don’t know what is.

I don’t know how else to explain it, but I do know that when your soul speaks, you will hear it and you’ll definitely feel it!

I’d love to hear about your soul experiences! Tell me! The more we talk about them, the more they happen.

Please feel free to reply in the comments below. I haven’t always had the comments open on the blog, so many of you just email me back, but it’s so much easier and better for everyone to see what everyone else is thinking and feeling when you comment in the comments section. Thank you!