When You Can’t be with Your Soul Mate


Don’t you love the dour expression on my face in the video still above?

It’s because this is a bummer topic. Why is it that you can have the deepest connection with someone, and just KNOW there’s something more…but you can’t be together either because they’re not ready, or they drive you crazy, or it just doesn’t work out for whatever reason?

When I learned how to be intuitive, I had no idea how many times this topic would come up in sessions. But it does come up – a LOT!
It’s a very painful thing that many people go through, and while each situation is different and unique, here’s some general information I’ve gleaned about why the timing isn’t right for two soul mates to be together in a romantic relationship in this lifetime.

I seem to have a bit of writer’s block today so I’ll just keep this summary short and let you watch the video if you’re so inclined!