When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong


Have you ever seen that Chappelle’s Show series of skits, “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong?” In each skit, someone “keeps it real” to the point of their extreme detriment. It’s awful and hilarious at the same time, and it speaks to a deeper issue that comes up a lot when I work with people’s throat and solar plexus chakras and we discuss issues relating to communication, truth, and personal power.

The throat chakra is about your voice, and your communication of your authenticity. The solar plexus chakra is about your willpower. Many people, myself included, experience conflicts when their solar plexus – their gut – is telling them to do or say something, but their personality, or ego, is too afraid to take action. The problem is, when you ignore your gut feelings for too long, and force yourself to accept situations that don’t honor your spirit, your light dims a little, and your life starts to become an experience you don’t like, you didn’t intend, and that you just lay down and accept. Some people chose to live like this, and to adapt the mantra that “life’s a bitch, and then you die.” Other people, however, will take stuff for just so long…until they just can’t take it anymore. Their truth bursts forth out of their throat chakra, and, as a result, their life shifts – sometimes slightly, and sometimes dramatically.

One of my favorite clients, whom I’ll call Sophie, recently experienced a scenario where speaking her truth led to a dramatic life shift. For several months last year, she kept ignoring what her gut was telling her and rationalized that she needed to continue with a work situation she was involved in. I advised her that this wasn’t the best situation for her, as did her friends and family, but she ignored us, though deep down she knew we were right. Sophie kept on keeping on, and watched as a familiar pattern unfolded. Finally, she just couldn’t take it anymore, and she spoke – well, actually, she yelled – her truth in what was yet another unfair confrontation that her supervisor created and threw her way. Sophie told her supervisor that she was abusive, and, as most abusive people will do, she got very angry and abused Sophie even more. Now, as per this pattern Sophie has found herself in again and again (and is working on breaking), her supervisor can be very loving and kind. But she can also be quite mean, and Sophie could not handle that. It was very uncomfortable, the way her truth came out, because she doesn’t like to yell, and the result was TOTALLY like “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong,” but that’s how it went down. Sophie’s gut and throat chakras powered up and pushed her to be honest about the fact that she felt mistreated. She wishes she had been able to communicate this more calmly, in a less charged-up way, but she had been too afraid to speak up in the past. She is no longer working at this place as a result, and although it will ultimately be the best thing for her, she’s still processing how this all happened, and how it could have been better. I personally don’t know if it could have happened any other way, because even if she told her supervisor how she felt in a nice, calm, manner, the supervisor still would have gotten very angry. What I do know is that Sophie will now begin a new chapter of her life, one that will be rich and fulfilling as she seeks to find the perfect work situation for herself and embarks on her own personal journey of empowerment.

Sometimes, when people mass together and speak their truths, revolutions break out, and wars ensue. People die, and then things change. This is the extreme case of speaking your truth. The extreme of not speaking your truth, however, results in broken spirits, in people living in fear and sorrow and desperation, victims of bullying, of greed, power, and corruption. There has to be a middle ground, although that’s hard to figure out. You can start by immediately laying down the law and honoring what you feel to be true. If your solar plexus chakra, your gut, is telling you that a situation doesn’t work for you, don’t wait – leave it. If a friend is not nice, either distance yourself, or honor your throat chakra, your voice, and have a heart-to-heart and hope it works out; if it wasn’t meant to be, then parting will be the best thing for your spirit. By being more authentic, you honor what your spirit is trying to tell you, and you become empowered. When you’re empowered, you give permission to your friends and family to do the same, and that is how real change, on a worldwide level, begins.

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    I just watched that skit. Hilarious! And a good reminder that we always have a choice about when to speak up and what to say, and to always check in with what our gut is telling us first.