What’s Your Worth? 5 Ways to Appreciate Your True Value.


The first thing that comes to mind when someone says “What’s your worth?” for most people is “What’s your NET worth?” Or, “How much money do you have?” We live in a capitalistic society, after all, so the people who have more are considered to be worth more. It’s totally sad, but what I’m talking about right now isn’t about your net worth, it’s your value. The value you place on yourself. What you think you’re worth, and what you think you deserve out of life, and how you deserve to be treated.

People tend to reflect back to you that which you’re beaming out to the world. If you’re sending out a signal that screams “I’m not good enough,” people sense that on some level, and then they respond accordingly.

It’s really easy to understand that concept, because it’s pretty obvious and it makes sense. But the hard part is to learn how to value yourself. Here are 5 things to do that might help:

1.Recognize the work you do.

Start recognizing how you add value to the work that you do. Jot down your successes so that you remember them, and pat yourself on the back for doing a good job. Don’t wait for others to praise you – praise yourself first.

2. Give yourself presents.

Are there things you want that you can technically afford, but you’re not giving to yourself for some reason or another? Subconsciously, you may be sabotaging yourself because you don’t feel like you deserve to have what you want. Don’t break the bank, but splurge on yourself every now and then. Because you’re worth it.

3. End the situations that don’t work for you.

Are you tolerating certain situations just because you always have? Raise the bar for yourself, and say no to situations that don’t work for you. Stay away from people who bring you down. Leave organizations that cause you pain. Don’t stick around “just because.” It’s doing you more harm than good. You don’t have to make a big stink out of it – in fact, the quieter you are, the better. Who needs drama?

4. Get rid of crap.

So many people hang on to junky, crappy stuff. And I’m not talking about hoarders! Are you holding onto stuff that’s broken, outdated, or shabby? What is this stuff saying about you, and your value? Get rid of it!

5. Ask your friends and family why they love you, and what you do for them.

We tend to take the people in our lives for granted, forgetting why we love them, or why they love us. If you want to know your value, ask them what they see that’s good in you. You may be surprised.

Your very presence on this earth requires that you add value. That’s what we’re here for. Contrary to what we’re taught money-wise, however, it’s not about how much value you have vs. someone else, or how much better this person is or that person is. Value can’t be measured that way, and it shouldn’t be. It’s such a personal thing, and in the end, who’s judging us, anyway? The more you appreciate and value yourself, the more you’ll be able to contribute from a place of wholeness and grace. And what’s more fulfilling than that?