What’s Your Attitude?


I got in trouble a lot as a kid for having attitude. I couldn’t help it! Rolling my eyes is as natural to me as breathing. I still have a lot of attitude and sass at times (that much sass can’t be denied), but I’m working to tame it as I work on growing and evolving my soul.

So that brings me to my story today. I’ve been taking spin classes at the gym because I need the motivation from the instructor to get out of my head and just move my body and shift my energy.

The regular instructor was out today, and there was a class full of women ready for their workout. The front desk lady came in and said the guy was sick, and that instead of canceling the class, they asked the Zumba instructor to come over and lead it.

So then this lady came in, a little woman in stylish cargo pants and a cute highlighted wig, and said she wasn’t a spin instructor, but they asked her to lead the class since the dude was sick.

She said she’d taken a few spin classes before, so she wasn’t a pro, but that she knew how to get people to exercise.

A couple of people just got up and left then and there. But I decided to stay because I forgot my ipod and I can’t be on those machines without music.

So she started the class, and the music was ok, but she had us at level 14, which is REALLY hard, as the base level for the whole class. She had us doing all these things the normal spin class instructor wouldn’t do. She didn’t tell us to take breaks or go slower if we needed to or lower the resistance or drop our shoulders or keep our heels down.

More people left halfway through. I thought of leaving again, but I just didn’t feel like it.

I looked around and most of the ladies were doing their own thing and kinda just following at whatever pace they wanted to, so I continued to do the same thing.

I forced myself to not be annoyed that it wasn’t a traditional spin class, and I started to think about what an awesome experience this was.

This little lady didn’t HAVE to come in and work with us. She had just finished motivating 50 other ladies in a Zumba class. She was probably tired!

They asked her to help out, and she had a great attitude – “Hey, I don’t know how to teach spin class, but I’ll let these ladies know that, and I’ll try my best to just get them a good workout.”

She remembered doing sprints in the classes she took, and jumps, and some little arm exercises too, and she incorporated that into the routine. She walked around to make sure nobody was going to hurt themselves.

God BLESS that woman. She had a great freaking attitude, and she got us our workout. She didn’t have to.

I just wanted to share that experience, because it’s your attitude, and other people’s attitudes, that makes the moments in life good or bad or bearable or funny. She inspired me, and the other ladies in the class who stayed. She made me smile and I left feeling motivated, encouraged, and happy.

And what is better than that – your own actions and attitude having a positive effect on someone’s life.