What Makes Your Spirit Thrive?


Aside from love – CREATIVITY.

Your spirit thrives on creativity.

Whether you’re creating music, making crafts, drawing, painting, writing stories, creating friendships, creating incredible inventions, creating formulas, or creating masterpieces in the kitchen…your spirit is here to create.

To be, to do, to express – to create.

Someone asked me in a session recently what she needed to do to heal. I saw that painting would be incredibly soothing to her soul. But she told me she would not, could not, and simply refused to paint. She said her brother had always been the artist in the family, so she gave up trying.

And yet, her spirit wanted to paint. Who cares if it’s just a splash of color on a canvas? Or a bunch of smears of pinks and oranges? Her personality needed it to be perfect, or forget the whole thing, and so she created a major block, one that her spirit was pretty bummed about.

The act of creating is so powerfully healing! It’s not about whether you’re any good at it, whether you can make money at it. The mind labels everything and decides what is worth it or not – but the spirit needs to express itself.

If it makes you happy, DO IT. You don’t have to be a rock star to sing or record music. You don’t have to be a fashion designer to make clothes.  You don’t have to be a chef to bake cookies. You don’t have to be a world famous photographer to take photos.

But you do need to always be creating. It’s simply an expression of your soul.

And that’s that!

Say Readers...

  • Anonymous   

    I feel like you read my mind and my heart when you wrote this article. Thank you for this.