What is a Soul Mate…REALLY?


People ask me about soul mates all the time. Yes, soul mates really do exist – but they’re not always the “Happily Ever After” people we tend to generalize them as. Soul mates can be family members, friends, teachers, and bosses, as well as romantic partners. Soul mates can be people who create difficult circumstances for us so that we have no choice but to learn and grow.

Soul mates always have an affect on us, and there is always a deeper spiritual meaning to our relationship with them than what we may assume there is.

As far as romantic partners go, there isn’t just ONE soul mate out there for you. There are over 6 billion people living on the planet right now. That means the odds are higher than ever that you’ll meet someone you have a deep soulful connection with. The best thing you can do for yourself as far as magnetizing your soul mate is concerned is to shift your mindset from scarcity mode (thinking the options are limited) and move into abundance mode. We can travel. There are billions of people here right now. The sky is the limit as to who you can meet and how you can meet them! If you are searching for love and would like some extra guidance, check out my MP3 workshop, Magnetize Your Soul Mate. It will help you get in the right space to do just that – both mentally, physically, and, most importantly, energetically! Click here for the instant download.