What if You Don’t Like the Guidance You Receive?


Lately, I’ve been exploring different types of divination systems and applying them to my life – meaning, doing readings for myself.

In delving deeper into the realms of the subconscious, and exploring how we humans fit into the whole pattern of the universe, I’ve been learning a lot. What I’ve noticed, as it pertains to my own inquiries, is that I have resistance when I get an answer I don’t want to hear.

I’ve noticed that with clients, too. It’s REALLY GREAT when a reading confirms what you already know, but it’s really hard when an answer comes up that isn’t what you wanted. It stinks, really. It stinks for me to tell someone something that makes them sad, or angry, or gets them all riled up, and it stinks for them to hear it. HOWEVER, there is a way around this.

When you’re receiving guidance, be it through your own intuition, or in a session with someone else, pay attention to what you hear. If something strikes a chord and you don’t like it, this is your opportunity to ask WHY.

1. Ask WHY you’re getting this guidance. Is there a deeper meaning? Some part of the big picture you need to understand? Answers to these types of questions are worth their weight in gold!

2. Ask WHAT YOU CAN DO to change a potential outcome.

3. If  you were expecting a certain answer, and the guidance was that that is not the way, ask for guidance as to what the way is, how to get on your true path. Ask what will make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Recently I did a session with someone who told me that a woman had told her, years ago, that men would come and go and yet she’d never settle down with anyone. It really hurt her, obviously! In our session, it came up that yes, she has some blocks (who doesn’t), but NO, she does not need to be alone for the rest of her life. She can and most likely WILL meet a wonderful partner if she chose to break the pattern. 

One of the things I learned from my spiritual teachers is to always ask “For this OR BETTER.” Because really, wouldn’t the Universe, or God, know more about what’s best for us than we do? Maybe we’re hell bent on getting a certain job or moving to a certain place because we THINK that’s the only way, but perhaps there’s a better way that will lead us down a whole other path.

Those are the questions to ask when you don’t like the guidance you receive.

I hope this helps!