What can Intuition do for You?


I was talking to someone the other day about what I do, and I emphasized just how fun it is to teach people to tap into their own intuitive skills. He looked a little confused, and asked me how that could help people with their lives. I, in turn, got a little confused…I was like, how could you not see how helpful that could be? But I get that we’re not hard-wired to understand these things, so I made a little list:

1. Using your intuition can help save you time and energy:
I used to love to shop just for the sake of shopping, but with a 7 month-old baby, that’s a luxury, so I’ve taken to pulling tarot cards to see whether a trip will be worth it or not. Now I can avoid a whole 2 hour excursion. Most recently, the cards kept telling me a trip to the nearest Marshalls would be worthless. It made no sense to me until I drove by a billboard announcing their grand re-opening later this month; it had been closed for remodeling!

2. Using your intuition can keep you in the loop at work:
So many workplaces like to keep employees in the dark. My friend Ruth worked for a very high-profile, solid company for several years before the corporate office began a big re-structure; layoffs were coming. She tapped into her intuition to figure out whether she’d survive the first round. Yes, she was stressed out, but she trusted her gut, which told her she’d be okay (this time). She didn’t completely trust that all would be fine in the long run, though, and decided to be really conservative with her expenses over the course of the next year. When they decided to close down the office she worked in and move operations back to New York, she was fully prepared and not surprised in the least. In fact, she had several other options lined up and is now living her dream of freelancing while building her own reputable brand in the creative arts field.

3. Using your intuition can help you know if someone’s right or wrong for you:
I did a session a while back for a woman who was having an affair, and wanted me to see what I picked up on the other guy. I visualized him as a giant rat skulking around in a nasty, yucky apartment. I told her this, and she said it pretty much verified what she intuitively felt. She was physically drawn to him, but she knew he was bad news. She ended the affair with the rat and went back to work on her marriage.

4. Using your intuition can help you make informed decisions:
When I was car-shopping a few years ago, I found a great used car that I loved, but worried about buying it because it was retrograde mercury and you’re never supposed to sign papers or make any big purchases during that time. So I did a neat little clairvoyant trick to see if there were any major issues with the vehicle. I saw an issue with something in one of the corners under the hood and asked a mechanic to check it out. Sure enough, the radiator was broken. The dealer replaced it and I purchased the car, which has been fantastic for 6 years now.

5. Using your intuition can help you in business:
One of my favorite clients is a financial planner who doesn’t make a single move without checking in with his gut instincts first. I love working with him because the information just flows (it takes two to tango, especially in a reading, and the more intuitive/tuned in a client is, the more awesome the session). 

You can use your intuition to figure out all sorts of things, from the mundane to the awe-inspiring. The books listed on my sidebar offer fantastic tips and techniques to strengthen your intuition, and I am always offering workshops and classes if you want live support. I was trained by Debra Katz, and together we’ve created a fantastic online course to help you access your clairvoyant abilities. It’s so much easier than you’d ever think! Once you start training yourself to use your intuition, a whole new world will open up for you, and it’s much more fun than you’d ever believe!