Using Clairvoyance


This weekend I went to an amazing workshop held by Debra Lynn Katz, author of “You are Psychic,” “Extraordinary Psychic,” and “Freeing the Genie Within.” She’s the best teacher in the world, and she helped me to get in touch with my intuition when I got started on this path several years ago. I wanted to attend this workshop to just re-connect, work on my skills, and meet more like-minded people. It’s like continuing education for professionals.
If you’re interested in learning more about utilizing clairvoyance and other techniques to access your intuition, I highly recommend reading all of Debra’s books and taking one of her workshops or enrolling in her training program. You will be amazed. She shows you that it’s not “out there” or “weird,” it’s as normal as learning to read and write, do math, or ride a bike.

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    Dedra helps you "free you mind" so the rest of you consciousness can follow!