Upcoming Webinar: Manifest Your Desires for the New Year! Sunday, December 15th, 11am-1:30pm PST


It’s funny – I know all of these amazing manifestation techniques, but I don’t use them that often. I think it’s because I forget, or I lack the motivation to just sit down and focus, or I’m too busy doing other things to set aside the time to work on the big picture.

I think a lot of people are in the same boat – we “know” what we need to do, but we just don’t always get around to doing it.

That’s why this weekend’s webinar, Manifest Your Desires for the New Year, will help!

What do you want to make happen in 2014?

Do you want to lose weight?
Get a new job?
Start a new business?
Move to a better place?
Finish a major creative project?
Meet your soul mate?

Manifesting doesn’t have to be hard. You can create the type of experience you want and accomplish more that you’d ever believe by just following the right steps – and I’ll show you how!

In this uber-powerful workshop, we’ll harness the energy of the group (which is 10 times more powerful than going it alone) and focus on exactly what it is you want to manifest (in all areas of your life) for 2014. We’ll do some basic writing techniques to hone in on what kind of picture you intend to create, and then spend the rest of the workshop going through energy techniques to lock it in. You’ll get a recording of the session to keep, so you can continue doing the work throughout the year.

Get a jump start on your resolutions and make 2014 a year to remember!

Date: Sunday, December 15, 2013
Time: 11am-1:30pm PST
Place: Online
Price: $50
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