Too Much…


This past weekend was great, but when Monday came I felt like I’d been slammed by a tidal wave of sadness that STILL hasn’t really gone away. It’s a combination of things – family drama, life circumstances, several very close friends being really depressed, someone else winning the $266,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot, etc. etc. etc.

When you get into this intuitive stuff, one thing that happens is that you increase your sensitivity like 100-fold. So you’re more likely to feel emotions really strongly, those of your own, those of your family and friends, and those of society in general. Fun, huh? There’s also the thing my aunt, who is a psychologist and hypnotherapist, told me about: once you start to meditate, and raise your vibration, you experience ups and downs much more heavily. It’s like a roller coaster effect, and it takes time for it all to level off – years, even.

Luckily, there are effective ways to deal with these sad, uncomfortable times. Enjoying movies or TV shows that make you laugh. Listening to music that makes your heart soar. Eating delicious food, getting lots of fresh air and exercise. Maybe shopping, getting together with friends and laughing. Volunteering. Listening to a meditation CD if you can’t get out of bed. Also, along those lines, continuing that meditative practice by grounding as much as you can, and imagining an invincible shield all around your body and your aura, that keeps your positive energy in (you ground out the negative energy), and protects you from absorbing the energies of other people around you.

It takes practice and a lot of work if you don’t want to stew in a soup of hopelessness, anxiety, and sorrow, but it’s worth it.

Say Readers...

  • R   

    This is a good reminder for me. I should keep a cd in the player that will inspire me to get out of bed on my bad days. Also, I should put a big sign somewhere in my room that says "Grounding Cord!" It's such a simple helpful thing, yet I always forget to do it.

  • K.   

    Other intuitives have told me recently I need to be more grounded. But I always forget the shield! The aura shield that's invincible so I don't get all carried away like dandelion fuzz being blown into the wind by a human eager to make a wish.

  • R   

    Yeah! The shield is super important too. If you have that and the grounding cord, you're all set.