Tim Kring Knows What’s Up.


Tim Kring created and wrote the TV show Heroes, which I LOVED, and the new TV series, Touch. I loved the pilot for Touch so much that I went online and researched him a little bit, and I found an interview he did with Fast Company.com. This particular quote really got me: “Heroes had an underlying message about inter-connectivity and global consciousness…I think we used the phrase ‘we are all connected’ at least 100 times in the first season alone. It’s a message I’m very interested in putting out in the world.”

I loved the characters on Heroes as well as the over-arching story, but what made it even greater for me was that I had recently discovered my own psychic ability, which is kind of like a superpower. If you know about my work, you know that I studied with author and intuitive Debra Lynn Katz, who trains people all over the world to be psychic. I firmly believe we all have the capacity to be psychic, but until everyone else catches on to this big secret, it’s fun to feel like I have a supernatural ability.

I like Touch because the show is based on the idea that there’s more to the universe than we’re aware of, and the opening sequence alone illustrates that. This is, to me, not a fantasy; it’s a reality. Another quote from Tim Kring, this time in a TV Guide interview, sums it up: “I believe the emerging story of our time is that we are more connected than we thought we were. I believe with that idea, in cooperation with pulling together, we are going to make the world a better place for our kids. The stories in Touch come more from that place than a Hollywood storytelling kind of place, to be honest. This is about putting out a positive message in the world.”

In the same TV Guide interview, when asked why doing a show with a positive message was important to him right now, Kring replied,  “I’m not very interested in feel-bad stories. The older I get, the less interested I am in that.” So, not only is his show talking about the bigger picture, it also helps bring our awareness to a more uplifting place.

I’m glad people like Tim Kring exist, and have enough power to create programming that can help lift our collective consciousness. You know that shift all the New Agers keep talking about? This is it. It’s happening.