The Soul Mate Test


Have you ever met someone and just KNEW they were a soul mate – a kindred spirit? I have, and it’s AMAZING!!!

There are basically two ways to tell if someone is a soul mate or not. The first is, well, you just know.

You feel like you’ve known them before. They look or feel familiar. You hit it off like the gangbusters (or you don’t, and that’s a different kind of soul mate, more of an anti-soul mate so to speak, but since we are all kindred spirits let’s not get into that).

The second way, and it’s not so thrilling, is so practical – the test of time. Time just tells, enough said.

For all of the people who have had sessions with me and KNOW they have a soul connection with someone (95% of the time it’s a love interest, let’s keep it real), you’re right! There IS a soul connection. The next thing to figure out on a romantic level is, what kind of soul mate are they? And that’s where the test of time will tell. Nobody loves a long wait – but it’s one of those ways you figure it out. We’ve all been there, and we all know.

And I’ve said this time and time again, but we all have more that one potential romantic soul mate, so don’t fret if “the one” is not acting like it! Over 6 billion people on the planet right now – the odds have never, ever, ever been better for finding a wonderful partner who deserves you.