The Powers of Hypnosis


The first thing you need to do before embarking on the road that winds through the Intuitive Realm is to believe you can, in fact, be psychic. Of course, the other thing that I’ve said before and that everyone in this field will attest to, is that you HAVE to meditate if you want to learn how to access your intuitive powers.
It is not easy for everyone to meditate. Oftentimes, I’ll just find myself sitting there thinking about stupid stuff over and over again. But one of the ways I got more comfortable with meditation was by using hypnosis. My aunt is a hypnotherapist, and she made some nice tapes for me. She also introduced me to Richard Sutphen and Brian Weiss, two veterans of hynosis. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and listen. You won’t be prompted to quack like a duck or do anything ridiculous like the guy in Office Space, but you will find it easier to slower the chatter in your brain and manipulate sensory imagery and corresponding emotions that your mind processes every waking moment.
Another thing you can do is read some hypnosis scripts and then record one with your own voice. There are tons of books on the subject – just google them or check them out on Amazon.