The Power of Realistic Thinking


I saw the famous Intuitive Laura Day at the Bodhi Tree on Wednesday. She gave a FREE lecture in conjunction with a book signing, which was amazing – few people give free talks on things these days, especially not established author/intuitives – and we really appreciated it. She was so generous with her time, so fun and genuine and down to earth about everything. She talked about intuition and psychic abilities and telepathy, explaining that these are all natural human abilities that can be strengthened through use. We’re wired for it. We need more people like her spreading the word about this. It’s normal! It’s natural! It’s not weird – it’s awesome!

One of the things Laura mentioned that really stuck with me was that while she obviously wouldn’t espouse Negative Thinking, she thinks too much attention is placed on Positive Thinking. She used this analogy: if a speeding bullet is coming right at you, no amount of Positive Thinking is going to stop it. Therefore, she’d rather engage in Realistic Thinking. Not overly “pretend everything is fine” Positive Thinking, and not “stewing in my own juices of depression” Negative Thinking, but, rather, Realistic Thinking. Meaning, you go with the flow.

Today, in thinking Realistically, I’ve realized it’s OKAY for me not to be always focusing on Intuitive stuff. Don’t get me wrong – I’m very much in the “regular” world – but I have a sense of guilt about it, like that perhaps I should be spending more time on psychic and intuitive things rather than everyday things. But, Realistically speaking, I’m in this world. And this involves living here with everyone else. It also involves, if you want to survive, paying attention to what’s going on globally, being aware of what’s happening around us, and making realistic decisions, based on the reality of the world we live in.

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  • Charlene   

    Hi Krishanti! Thanks for taking me to see Laura. She shed a lot of light on things. Love her practical approach! I'm watching her videos on YouTube and highly recommend them. Have fun! Great blog! See you soon 🙂