The Power of Belief.


Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo on Disney Video

I love Disney. In fact, I have a CD of Disney music in my car that always puts me in a good mood. The other day this song came on and it made me laugh.

If you listen to the Fairy Godmother’s voice…she kind of sounds just like a grandmotherly old woman putting a LOT OF EFFORT into these words she’s singing. I mean, if she wasn’t OBVIOUSLY a Fairy Godmother, you might think she was nuts. It’s a bunch of jibberish.

But she believes what she’s saying, and then…magic happens.

I think if we believe in magic, if we believe we can be psychic (or at least more intuitive), if we believe in miracles and synchronicity, if we believe we can heal, shift, learn and grow, then it happens. Take it from me: I learned how to be psychic, for Pete’s Sake!