The Healing Power of Earth Energy.


Do you feel disconnected from the earth?

Before I found the spiritual path, I found more joy and fulfillment in the shopping mall than in nature.

But when I stared learning about energy, and receiving truly healing readings and energy clearings, I realized how vitally important it is for all of us as human beings to connect to the earth, to honor and celebrate earth energy, and to respect it.

The gravity of the earth keeps us from floating off into outer space. The oxygen of the planet allows us to breath. The soil of the earth produces food that nourishes our bodies. The water of the earth sustains us. Without the earth, we wouldn’t even exist.

It is imperative, if you want to feel calmer, more centered, grounded, and connected, that you spend time in nature. Honor the trees, breathe in fresh air, connect to the grace and beauty around you. Not only will your body and spirit feel healed, but the earth will receive a little healing, too. Imagine how you’d feel with billions of life-sucking humans crawling around all over you, dumping litter, oil, and gas, dropping bombs and burning up rainforests?

Flow love to the earth – it is needed.

If you’re feeling de-vitalized, de-energized, off course, or out of sorts, go for a hike or a walk in the woods, noticing all that is around you and tuning into the majesty of the planet.

If you live in a city and feel like it’s draining you, move. The noise level of cars honking and garbage trucks rumbling can actually be like a psychic attack
on the sensitive person. What’s needed is the sound of leaves blowing in the breeze, of birds chirping, open skies and clean air, without the agitated energy and pollution of overpopulation.

I’m working on just that type of move, as LA is just too harsh for my senses now. How about you? What do you do to connect with the earth? What is your favorite healing place on the planet? How does it make you feel?