The #1 SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT Ingredient to any Psychic Exercise


When I stumbled onto the path of psychic development, I of course, being a shopper, looked into all the tools and implements necessary. And there are TONS! Beautiful crystals, stones, wands, tuning forks, bells, gongs, prayer mats, pictures, essential oils, candles, incenses, herbs, and more. Fun stuff!

The thing is, you can have all the best tools in the world, but the #1 SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT to ANY psychic exercise you embark on – be it a ritual, a reading, a meditation, or a healing – is this:


Without intention, without infusing your thoughts and actions with meaning, you lose the spark. And the whole thing is a lot less magical.

Prayer, WITH INTENTION, creates miracles.

A meditation, WITH INTENTION, gets you to the place you’re hoping to get to.

A reading, WITH INTENTION, can be simply amazing and incredible and just blow your mind.

Doing things thoughtlessly, and rote, like all whatever, just makes the practice all whatever.

I attended mass recently at a church my friend loves in Beverly Hills. And they said the Our Father, or the Paternoster, which is one of my all time favorites. I’ve been doing it daily, and following a different method of doing it taught to me by a new favorite author (more in her another day!). Her method involves touching different points on your body imagining it as the Tree of Life. So you really think about it and you think about God as you do it. When I was at that particular mass, everyone mumbled through it super fast and the vibe was kinda low. Like, let’s get through this “ourfatherwhoartinheavenhallowedbethyname” etc. etc.

Of course, that prayer is so beautiful and so powerful that even going though it like that has an effect, but when you say it with intention…

KA-POW! It changes.

Doing clairvoyant work is so much fun, because you can engage your imagination and intention with the images you’re seeing to shift your reality. A friend and I recently got together to connect with angels. We used to play psychic games together years ago when we were both learning to be psychic. We set our intention together, and got more beautiful angel signs than anything. We were THRILLED.

So, while it’s fun to have things and they can definitely, absolutely help get you in the right space mind-wise and energy-wise, it’s all about your intention. And that’s free!!!