If you’re on the spiritual path, raising your vibration and evolving your soul, I’m sure the subject of reincarnation has come up at some point or another. I’ve found that tuning in to my soul as an energy that has reincarnated time and time again helps me to understand my journey, the lessons I am learning, the people I’m sharing this experience with, and why.

In the grand scheme of healing in the intuitive realm, reincarnation is one of my FAVORITE topics of all time. So I was delighted when someone asked me to talk about recognizing people from past lives!

It seems to be that, generally speaking, there is a spark of recognition that takes place when it comes to meeting people you’ve shared lives with in the past. It can vary according to the person and the relationship, but there is usually a knowing on some level. And that can be in a positive sense, a neutral sense, or a negative sense.

There’s a lot of focus when it comes to reincarnation, past lives, and soul mates, on the relationships you have that are positive and make you feel great. But on the flip side, there are relationships that are not so pleasant, ones that help you to learn and grow, through more challenging lessons, and many of those relationships can stem from past life agreements as well. You will joyfully recognize friends and loved ones from past lives who make your life great, and you will probably not-so-joyfully recognize others as well.

In the video above, I chat about this in more detail, and also talk about the notion of time when it comes to past lives. Many of us like to think in the framework of linear time, but we must be careful not to get too hung up on the notion that our most recent life before this, or the life that is most directly affecting THIS ONE RIGHT NOW, was the one a few years or decades prior to the year you were born in this incarnation.

Freeing yourself from that belief can help you detach from historical situations and focus more on life themes that took place in a completely different era altogether – BC or AD – and connect more deeply into your development as a soul unrelated to historical events of a certain timeframe.

Many people I have worked with, myself included, are completing loops of karma and life lessons pertaining to lifetimes that took place many hundreds of linear years in the past.

I find this all so fascinating – and if there is more you would like me to look into or talk about, please let me know in the comments on YouTube or by emailing me directly.

And remember, if you need help with connecting to your own intuition or would like guidance in any area of your life, I’m here to do readings, healings, spiritual coaching packages AND one-on-one psychic development training – so don’t hesitate to contact me for a session at ask@krishanti.com.

Dating Tips for Empathic Women


From what I hear from wonderful, beautiful clients like YOU on a near daily basis is that it’s a jungle out there on the dating scene. With apps and services like Tinder, Bumble, Match, and all sorts of other things, you’d think it’d be easier…but that’s not always the case.

And for super sensitive, empathic women, it’s even harder. You connect with people on a deeper level, with an open and accepting heart, and you aren’t wired to be mean or closed off. Every new person you date could be your future husband – that’s how you operate.

So how do you cope with dating when many men are just on the prowl, regardless of what they tell you or how they present themselves?

In the video above, I offer a few tips aimed to help – but it goes many layers deeper than this and if you want me to talk more about this kind of thing (especially how to trust your intuition when it comes to men), I’d be thrilled to – please just let me know. 

To sum it up, when you’re dating guys, try thinking of them as job applicants. Don’t get caught up with hoping they like you, especially if they don’t have all of the qualities you’re looking for. Don’t make concessions so early on in the game. I see so many women who do this, and it does them a disservice. It’s heartbreaking. And here’s some old school advice from my inner Grandma: if you really like them and want to date them, don’t sleep with them right away – you’ll create cords of attachment that will be hard for you to get rid of if it doesn’t work out.

Remember, I’m also here to do readings, healings, and spiritual coaching – so don’t hesitate to contact me for a session at ask@krishanti.com.

When I learned how to be psychic, I was super jazzed and excited about being able to google the universe for answers to help people. I had no idea that the NUMBER ONE thing they’d be asking for help with was romantic relationships. Now I know, and now you know – it’s the NUMBER ONE THING people want to know about!

Of course that makes sense. We all want to love and to be loved.

So here’s a little secret for you: when people ask me what is standing in the way of them meeting someone, one of the most interesting and common things I see is that, in some way or another, they are projecting the energy of FEAR rather than the energy of HOPE. It’s like they’re afraid they’ll bring in the wrong person, or someone they don’t find attractive, or someone awful, or someone who will hurt them.

But that fear is exactly what blocks them from magnetizing the ideal person in. And I get the fear, I mean really, so many people have been completely hurt by others, and the dating scene from what I hear can be BRUTAL. Especially online dating. And then there’s the texting. And the men who disappear without a trace. I hear a lot about that and it’s awful. So I GET IT!!!! And yet, approaching it all from a place of fear is just what brings in more of it. But hope, on the other hand, changes all of that.

Hope can be hard to muster, especially in the face of adversity, but you have every reason to have hope, and to trust that you will find the right person for you. If you want it, I promise you, you will have it. Ask and it is given, remember? It’s true!!!

With billions and billions of people on the planet right now, and the ability to travel and go anywhere you want, there isn’t any reason why you wouldn’t meet someone. It was only in the olden days, only for your ancestors, that the pool was very limited and choices few and far between. Sometimes we can’t help but carry the genetic imprint of that fear and limitation with us, but the mere knowledge that it’s there can help you heal and release it, and get back to having hope, which changes everything.

People ask me about soul mates all the time. Yes, soul mates really do exist – but they’re not always the “Happily Ever After” people we tend to generalize them as. Soul mates can be family members, friends, teachers, and bosses, as well as romantic partners. Soul mates can be people who create difficult circumstances for us so that we have no choice but to learn and grow.

Soul mates always have an affect on us, and there is always a deeper spiritual meaning to our relationship with them than what we may assume there is.

As far as romantic partners go, there isn’t just ONE soul mate out there for you. There are over 6 billion people living on the planet right now. That means the odds are higher than ever that you’ll meet someone you have a deep soulful connection with. The best thing you can do for yourself as far as magnetizing your soul mate is concerned is to shift your mindset from scarcity mode (thinking the options are limited) and move into abundance mode. We can travel. There are billions of people here right now. The sky is the limit as to who you can meet and how you can meet them! If you are searching for love and would like some extra guidance, check out my MP3 workshop, Magnetize Your Soul Mate. It will help you get in the right space to do just that – both mentally, physically, and, most importantly, energetically! Click here for the instant download. 


Boy do I get asked this question a lot! So here’s a list ranging from the mundane and obvious, to the psychic/spiritual and mystical:


1. He or she is possessive with the cell phone.

If he/she gets overly bent out of shape when you pick up his/her phone, look out: they’re probably hiding something. One client whose love interest was a player had a habit of not identifying people by their names, just their phone numbers. Sneaky, huh? So instead of “Maureen” he had her phone number. Regardless of this safety measure, she found out what he was up to.

2. He or she deletes data on the cell phone.

He/she deletes text messages, either yours, or those of other people. How do you know she/he’s deleting other people’s texts? Just look for gaps. If he or she hasn’t received messages in a while, that means they’re deleting them. That’s suspicious behavior.

3. He/she password-protects everything, and won’t give you the password.

If they have nothing to hide, why are they so protective?

4. His or her behavior changes.

Does he or she suddenly have new interests? Are they dressing differently, maybe going to new places, eating different foods? These may suggest the influence of another man or woman.

5. She or he is unresponsive to you, or makes lots of excuses as to why you can’t get together.

This is obvious, but it happens a lot. If he/she says they can’t meet up because they’re working late, or they can’t meet you out, or they’re doing this or that or the other, they could be cheating/seeing someone else. Ditto for if you live with him or her and he/she starts staying out late (always with an excuse, though).


1. The cards tell you.

Using Tarot cards, if someone is cheating, you’ll typically get a lot of 3 of Swords, 10 of Swords, 2 of Swords, 8 of Swords (just swords in general!!), the Tower card, the Devil card, 2 of Coins. The cards don’t lie. You can ask again and again, and you’ll see similar cards coming up. If you aren’t familiar with the Tarot, no worries: there are tons of books that will help you through doing a reading for yourself.

2. Your 3rd chakra starts nagging you.

A lot of clients will literally feel it in their gut when their significant other is cheating on them. The gut doesn’t lie. It’s telling you something. Listen.

3. Your spirit guides warn you.

Speaking of listening, one client years ago had a nagging feeling that something was wrong with her relationship. She prayed to her guides for help. One day, she left work early with a headache. She lay down in bed and starting reading a book she’d picked up at the library. The story started with a husband cheating on his wife. She put the book down and closed her eyes. Then she heard the message “Check his email.” She did, and found out he’d been cheating. It was horrible, but she was grateful for the guidance. She’d needed to know. If you need help from your guides in this department, just ask them. They’re on your side, and they will come through for you.

4. You get prophetic dreams.

Some people will literally be told in their dreams to watch out for something. It’s not 100% accurate, but if you’re a dreamer, and you like dream interpretation, set the intention before going to bed to have an experience that will guide you to find out whether or not your partner is cheating. Then write down your dreams the minute you awaken. You may be surprised by what you find.

5. You see it clairvoyantly. 

You can do a clairvoyant reading to find out what someone’s up to. Listen to this meditation, which will get you into psychic mode. Then bring your awareness to your 3rd eye, or 6th chakra. With your eyes closed, imagine you’re looking out of your forehead onto a screen out in front of you. Put a big bubble on the screen, and say your partner’s name three times. As you say his or her name, allow the bubble to fill up with his or her energy. Notice what color it is. Then, ask that bubble if he or she is faithful to you, and see what it does. You might even put up a bubble next to it that represents you, and ask that to fill up with your energy, then see how the two bubbles interact. You might not get something that’s glaringly obvious, but pay attention to what you do see, because it will mean something. If he or she is tiptoeing around, looking sneaky, that’s a clue she/he is cheating. If he or she turns into a mischievous monkey, that’s a clue that he/she is doing something naughty, too. If he or she is standing there noble and strong, that’s a clue he/she is on the up and up.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s your fear of being hurt, or your own intuition giving you warning signs that your significant other is cheating. Whatever the case, try and quiet your mind and tune in to see what’s going on. Ask for all the help you can get, and remember, you’re not alone. And if you do find out your partner cheating, just try and take it in stride. Get your friends and family to help you, and don’t let this experience ruin your life. Things could change for the better with him or her, or the universe might be telling you to leave that person so that you can meet someone who is truly wonderful for you. Remember, any painful experience is an opportunity for your soul to grow and evolve.