As you probably already know (because I say it CONSTANTLY!), I learned how to be psychic and intuitive.

And because of this, I know for a fact that we can all do it. I’ve worked with groups and with individual people to help them tune in and amplify their innate abilities, and never have I met anyone who is flat out completely and totally unable to tap in to either clairvoyance, clairaudience, or empathy.

However, we all have weaknesses. A common one for a lot of people is the fear of being wrong. The thing is, once you start putting your intuition to practice, you’ll find that it’s not about right or wrong – it’s about INSIGHT. And intuitive insight is always helpful. It’s all about the vibes!

ANYWHO, what is very interesting about the psychic development world is that your ability to tune in is oftentimes directly related to your excitement and/or interest in the subject matter. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If you are fascinated by something, or driven by the desire to know more or learn more, you will be more inclined to pursue it.

I talk about it in the video above, but a recent example of this happened with my Clairvoyant student Courtney, who definitely has clear sight. I was teaching her how to do Remote Viewing, and had her look into my closet, which was great fun for the both of us. Note: She was at home in Kentucky, while I was at home in Los Angeles. We were doing the training over the phone. And Courtney was so incredibly accurate I had to laugh! It was as though she was really here with me, or we were FaceTiming, because that was how amazing it was. But she, like me, loves clothes and shoes, so it was a win-win. When it comes to subjects that are trickier, or not as easy/fun, we can block ourselves because of the fear of being wrong, or just the boredom/distraction factor (a story about how that happened to me in a Remote Viewing class is in the video above too).

If you are interested in boosting your own psychic and intuitive abilities, first trust that you have them, and then embrace the idea that it can be EASY. Don’t throw yourself under the bus by making yourself do right/wrong games, but try and just get a sense or feeling of things. Tune in to people or situations for yourself and for others. Make a game of it, and make that game fun. The more you work those intuitive muscles, the more they will grow. I guarantee it!!

And remember I’m always here to help, with readings, energy healings, on-demand meditations and my psychic development training program. So just reach out! 🙂

Hi from Beautiful Manitoulin, Canada! Or as I like to say, Canadia.

The earth energy here is VERY strong and quite sacred, so I’m still doing my work taking appointments for readings and healings, etc. while Ivan and I enjoy his grandparents’ favorite summer spot.

This week’s chat is about everyone’s favorite topic – predicting the future and TIMING! It’s something we all want to know, but that we also know is hard to predict for two very important reasons: 1. humans have free will so there’s no telling what someone else (or even you yourself!) will do in the future and 2. time is this weird construct and can be finicky.

While some readers don’t mind making predictions, I always try to steer clear of that because it’s just too much of a wild card. In fact, I did a trade with someone who is renowned for her abilities to pinpoint timing, and she inadvertently applied retrocognition to my future – meaning she predicted some major things for my future, but those things had ALREADY happened. It’s a common thing that happens because time is slippery. However, because I want to make people happy or give them some semblance of what is likely to occur, I have developed a couple of “hacks” for predicting timing, always with the caveat that timing is not set in stone.

The first hack is using your cards to narrow down the number of years in which something is likely to happen.

The second hack is using remote viewing to jump to a place in time and get a sense of the date.

Both are things you can do if you read cards or work on your clairvoyance, and both are interesting to play with. But because of the nature of time, I would never guarantee 100% that something is likely to happen within a certain timeframe because, well, you just never know! That’s where the art of surrender comes in handy and you can just let go and let the future unfold as it will.

I hope this helps, and if you’d like to set up a session to work with me or get super psychic yourself, just click here. 

I love the concept of time traveling and I talked about it in a video a few months ago, but something that I didn’t cover in depth was the idea of time traveling into the future, and then CHANGING IT to affect a more positive outcome.

In the movies, they all say that you can’t and mustn’t do anything to change the future or the past because it will just mess everything up on a grand scheme. And also, when it comes to all of this stuff, how can you know you really did change it because it’s the future and it hasn’t happened yet?!

But I beg to differ.

I know this is an intense concept and rather philosophical, but it comes up frequently in readings, so I thought, why not talk about it!

First of all, our consciousness is not limited to right here and right now. It can definitely be with other people and other places, it can travel into the past, and it can go into the future.

Secondly, we have free will.

And thirdly, we are more powerful than we know.

In the deep state of hypnosis that comes about when you do retrocognitive past life work and view who and what you’ve been in other lifetimes, you can also opt to catapult yourself into the future to check it out. I have done it and I’ve seen what I noted actually come to pass. Others have done it too.

In the same way that Ebenezer Scrooge was shown different outcomes of his life in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, so too can we get an idea of where we’re headed – and one way to do this is to view the future and change it by altering what we’re doing now.

Some things are unavoidable, and that’s all about karma, fate, and God. But some things can be altered or mitigated or changed so that they’re not as bad as they could have been. Group efforts are great at doing this, as the power of a group is much stronger than that of one person.

Some of life’s circumstances are definitely set in stone. But with free will and a reasoning mind, we have the capacity to do a lot more with our consciousness than we are doing at the present moment. If there are things about your future you know or sense are going to happen, and you don’t want things to go that way, you can make changes right now that could very well alter that outcome.

Then all you’ll have to do is wait for the future to arrive to find out how it goes!



I have always loved the concept of time traveling. How about you?

While I don’t think anyone has yet created a little machine that humans can step into and then hurtle back in time (unless there’s a top secret government project they haven’t told us about), there are ways you can time travel with your consciousness. The easiest way to do it is via remote viewing, where you just shift your awareness with certain techniques and then direct your consciousness to go to a specific moment in the past or the future.

Of course, time traveling is one thing – another thing altogether is how to change what you see when you do it. All the movies say you can’t and mustn’t do anything to alter the whole space-time continuum. I’m not going to get into all of that here because it’s way super out there and theoretical and hypothetical and I don’t think my musings would be helpful.

What I have found interesting and helpful for clients, though, when it comes to personal healing, is the time traveling you can do to heal your own past and potentially shift your own future.

Time Traveling to Heal Your Past

Through deep meditative techniques, and through hypnosis as well, you can ABSOLUTELY travel back into your past and heal things. Now, I’m not sure about literally CHANGING events, because that is hardcore, but there is a technique where you can go back to really difficult times in your past and comfort yourself as you’re experiencing something depressing or traumatic, and that process is extremely healing and empowering.

Time Traveling to View and/or Create Your Future

Through the same deep meditative and hypnotic techniques, you can take a look at your future. Because what you do in the present affects your future, you can also create your future and/or work to affect a new outcome. This is sort of the same thing as visualization, only it’s a tad more powerful when your brain waves are in that mode they get into when you meditate or are under hypnosis.

There are some funny time traveling videos on YouTube that show “proof” that people have time-traveled via old photographs. I think the “Time-Traveling Hipster” one is kind of funny especially because he doesn’t really look like a hipster to me and, has anyone heard of Photoshop? The thing is, you can actually bring the holographic image of your body with you when you time travel, and some people can see that, but they typically perceive it as a ghost or apparition.

Bottom line to all of this is that there is so much more to the world as we see it than…the world as we see it. Layers and dimensions and possibilities are all around us, and the more we open up to them, the more they open up to us.

The only limits are the ones we create and believe in.

Are you at all interested in the concept of astral projection, astral travel, and the possibility that our consciousness isn’t always here in the physical body? I think it’s fascinating, but I’m going to say this right now: I don’t do astral projection. I don’t like the idea of leaving my body somewhat vacant while I go off exploring. No thanks!

Good thing there’s bi-location! It’s just as interesting, only you get to fully be in your body, while a part of your consciousness – just a small part – goes to wherever you direct it to go to check things out. It’s like YOU are the satellite camera, without all the cumbersome technology.

Bi-location happens when you really quiet your mind and direct your consciousness to go somewhere. As with anything related to the psychic arts, the more you practice, the better you get. If you’re into remote viewing, bi-location is something that can happen when you do remote viewing sessions.

If you’re not in the mode to practice either of these things right now, at least the idea of knowing that your consciousness is vast and powerful can be helpful in your daily life.

You can direct it to heal problematic situations, resolve inner conflict, and guide you throughout your life.

And all you really have to do to do that is meditate, or practice mindfulness, and connect with your consciousness – spirit – higher self.

The sky really is the limit – and you get to decide where to put your focus!

I don’t talk much about astral projection because I don’t do it. My best friend from high school loves the idea of it and has done it a few times, and she and a friend of hers have practiced different techniques to jump out of your body and just go, and she even wrote a really wonderful young adult novella about it that she hasn’t published yet but she should.

Some people are just all over the idea of astral projection, which means you consciously direct your spirit to leave your body – to VACATE IT – and go wherever you want to go. I, however, am not one of those people.

What I can do, though, is bi-location, which is really fun and very similar to astral projection only you don’t leave your body. Bi-location is a term remote viewers use for when your consciousness is in two places at one time. It’s so sci-fi to me, and I first heard the term recently while at an event with some high-profile remote viewers, who are very scientific about things, collecting and recording data and using set techniques and processes.

How to Bi-Locate

In order to bi-locate, you have to get your brain down to alpha though hypnotic induction or deep meditation. Then, you focus on your target and just “go” there. You are still in your body, but your brain is looking around where ever you’ve focused on going to. My personal evidence for having  bi-located when I was practicing remote viewing with that same friend from high school; I described the room she was in, and then noticed something she didn’t see. She then turned on the light and verified what I was looking at. In other cases, people doing remote viewing have been on battlefields and noticed that someone else saw them (how Sci Fi is that!?!) or experienced the same physical sensations you would while viewing a target under that target’s specific conditions. I can’t explain how that whole thing works except that perhaps your brain is carrying with it an image of what your physical body looks like, and that image/energetic imprint materializes with your consciousness wherever you decide to go when you’re bi-locating.

How to Astral Project

I can’t tell you how to do this from my own point of view, but what I’ve heard is that you either do it spontaneously at night, or else you meditate and relax, and then imagine you’re on a swing for a while, then when the swing is up in the air you jump off and leave your body! Or, you imagine you’re peeling your spirit away from your body from your feet to your head, and then voila, you’re off and flying.

Whether you are interested in bi-locating, astral projecting, or using another technique to have an out-of-body experience, just make sure you’re grounded, your intention is set to have an enlightening and positive experience, and you’ve had proper training and/or a friend who knows what you’re experimenting with. You might also just want to make sure your vibration is high so that you stay in a zone of light, goodness, and positivity. Surround yourself with legions of angels, God, ascended masters, and the highest levels of light beings as your guides during the process. And then have fun!

As I’ve said a million times, I learned how to be psychic. With the right guidance and techniques, anyone can do what I do – and much, much more. I worked with Debra Lynne Katz, and loved her method and teaching style so much that I wanted to get the word out about a new program she’s offering through her International School of Clairvoyance – Remote Viewing Training!

Remote viewing is a fascinating field of interest because the processes that are used are incredibly specific and detail-oriented. It’s not emotional – it’s very scientific. In my experience, remote viewing is like sending a part of your consciousness somewhere to check something out and record what you see. You’re not astral projecting because you’re in your body. There are no emotions involved, and no woo-woo stuff; only simple observation.

Debra taught me how to do remote viewing when I trained with her in her one-on-one clairvoyant training program. I remote viewed several targets with a good degree of accuracy. I went on to practice doing remote viewing on my own, and just recently realized that one time I actually bi-located, which means being in two places at once, and I’ll talk about that another time. It’s like something out of a sci-fi novel!

Since my training, I’ve personally used remote viewing mostly to find things around the house. However, I can get lazy and tend to just dig around til I find something rather than sit down and direct my consciousness to show me where it is. In fact, I’m missing a book right now, and debating whether or not to remote view it or just wait for it to turn up. My favorite remote viewing story is when I remote viewed the TV remote control when Ivan was a baby. We searched for it forever and I finally sat down to remote view it, and then got up and went straight to where it was – wedged between the play pen and the wall. FUNNY!

In sessions with clients, however, I use remote viewing to tune into their physical bodies to detect signs of illness. If you’re interested in doing that, remote viewing is an essential skill to have.

Other people use remote viewing to view life on other planets, to help solve missing persons cases, to travel back in time and witness things as they happened, and/or to just experience how powerful the human mind can be.

If you have an interest in remote viewing and want to learn how to do it, I really recommend working with Debra. She’s an excellent teacher and guide, and you will not believe how incredibly fun it is to do remote viewing. It’s staring this September, so click here for more info!