If you, like many other people, are just not feeling the Happy New Year vibes, THAT’S OK. I feel like I am stumbling into 2017, and from what I’ve been hearing from friends and clients, it’s not an uncommon thing that’s happening right now.

This year, 2017, is a 1 year in numerology. That means last year, 2016, was a 9, which marks the end of a major cycle. And when a major cycle like that ends, it’s not always with sunshine and rainbows and joy and hope. It can be incredibly painful and difficult, as it takes time for the old energy to cycle out so the new energy can start up.

Which means, if you’re not off to 2017 with a bang, just hang in there, because things will improve. It might just take time: for some, it will be weeks, and for others, a couple of months. But it will turn around.

In the mean time, you can do some clearing: clear your energy, clear your home or office space, clear your diet, clear your mind, clear your life. In fact, I’m taking an energy clearing course right now that is helping me transform old, outdated energy. It’s amazing how much lies beneath the surface!

The video above is a bookcase chat about some common misperceptions regarding psychic abilities. If you need a distraction, I hope you find it interesting!

And if you need some help, guidance, or hope, just reach out to me for a session or package. We can clear your energy, help you get guidance on where you’re going, and transform old stuff so that you can move forward with more strength, clarity, and positive energy. For more info on the types of sessions and packages you can choose from, click here.

Earth: The PAIN School


I started experimenting with channelling this year, and have had some interesting experiences with ascended masters and also ANGELS! It’s so amazing and interesting to receive information in this way – different from when you’re looking at things clairvoyantly.

The other day when I was meditating, the Masters started talking about hope. They said that Earth is a PAIN SCHOOL which made me laugh because while we all know Earth is a school, I’ve never heard it put that way, like it’s a pain school where everyone has to learn how to deal with physical or emotional pain. And hope is one thing that helps you trust that the pain won’t last forever.

From my own personal experience and from working with tons of people in sessions, it seems that hope is this magical feeling that gets us through the worst of times. Yes, everything may be falling apart and life may be upside down and tragic, but if you have hope, you know things will change, and it keeps you going. It’s like gas in your car. Hope will get you to the next place.

But talking about how great hope is is one thing; trying to rally and muster it up when you’re feeling hopeless is another thing altogether. So here are some things that will help get it back:

1. Keep everything super simple and uncomplicated
2. Do everything one thing at a time
3. Look for one thing you can admire or appreciate whenever you think about it
4. Do NOT think too much
5. Meditate and pray and ask for miracles, for signs, and for hope
6. Trust that things can change in an instant
7. Practice extreme self-care
8. Volunteer
9. Get outside
10. Talk to someone loving and compassionate

The minute you realize you feel hopeless, you have an opportunity to work on that feeling and to turn it around. It may take an hour, or a day, or a few months, but it will transform.

When I first started doing readings, I had a lot of moments of doubt. I was like, who am I to do this and should I even be DOING this? I thought maybe I should go back to the corporate world and keep it normal. And you know what’s funny? Every time I was in that desperate OMG place, guess who would call me for a reading? A woman named HOPE. Without fail, Hope would call, and we’d do a session, and sometimes when I would do a healing on her over the phone the lights would flicker on and off because the energy was so powerful. I’ll never forget Hope, who transitioned from Pain School to the other side last year. I know she is happy.

Hope is the flame that sparks the fire of positive change. If you have hope, miracles can and will happen. And the thing about the universe is that change is constant; things are never in a state of homeostasis. So that’s encouraging too, right!?

Wishing you all the HAPPIEST of HOLIDAYS and sending you so much love and light!

Let me start out by saying that this wasn’t meant to have anything to do with the US election. I recorded it in September. But I felt it might be timely, and so here it is. And I’m not going to say anything political because there is enough of all that going around and my voicing my opinion here doesn’t matter as much as just sharing what I know can help if you’re feeling upset by this, or by anything else in your life.

So video above explains spiritual things you can do to get grounded and regain hope when you feel crushed and powerless. I’ll sum them up, and add a few, below:

  • Breathe
  • Breathe some more
  • Listen to music
  • Keep your vibe light by eating clean foods
  • Hydrate with water or coconut water
  • Take care of your body: shower, bathe, groom! Get a wax, get a facial, a mani/pedi, a body scrub, get your hair done (but nothing you might later regret girl), get a massage, soak in sea salts, get into a wood sauna or steam room, get some acupuncture or acupressure or cupping and any and everything else you can think of for your PHYSICAL BODY!
  • Do something for someone else
  • Donate your time or money to a charitable cause
  • Pray to higher power, angels, ascended masters, and guides
  • Watch a good movie or 2 or 3
  • Read a good book
  • Talk it out with friends or family or your therapist or healer
  • Go running, swimming, cycling, or do yoga or anything physical
  • Rest
  • Meditate
  • Keep breathing
  • Get an energy healing (any kind that resonates with you)
  • Garden, walk, hike, swim: commune with nature
  • Talk to or pet animals
  • Shop
  • Sing and dance if you can
  • Do any other self-soothing, self-caring ritual your intuition guides you to

Remember, too, that you’re not alone. You’re never alone. We all go through things and there is always a cycle to the way events occur in our lives. Let’s just hold the space for each other now, share the love and light, and be good to one another. In the end, love and light always prevail.

I was drawn to learn how to do readings and energy healings because of the immense amount of pain and suffering I went through and learned from.
My childhood was very difficult, and even when I was very little, I had this feeling I would lose my mother. It was a sort of internal knowing, one that I didn’t WANT to know. In fact, I remember reading a book when I was 7 or so where the kids’ mom died, and they called her “Mama.” I decided then and there that I’d never call my mom “Mama” and maybe that would save her. I’ve written in another post you can find here about how long she suffered before she died of cancer at 39, leaving me all alone at 15.

The thing is, my suffering didn’t stop there. It wasn’t like my mom died, and that was the worst thing that happened. Other not-so-great things happened, too; a myriad of unfulfilling jobs, a feeling of being abandoned and unloved, misunderstood by friends and family, and, until I found the spiritual path, a feeling that I didn’t know what I was here for or what the whole point of life was. I was depressed for a long time, and I turned my back on God because what kind of God would let my mom suffer in so much pain, only to die – and to leave me all alone without her?

Meditation and healing work really helped me grow in leaps and bounds, and I am dedicated to continue on the path of self-healing. However, being committed to the path to grow spiritually is not easy. There are always roadblocks and chances to grow my soul, situations that force me to stop and remember the point of things, to not fall prey to the illusion that I’m an abandoned orphan who will never have it easy.

I’ve had many a dark night of the soul, and I’d like to present some tips that have helped me through them:

1. If you’ve been hurt by your parents, try not to blame yourself or them.
It’s hard not to think of our parents as these people who should be perfect. They’re not. Some parents treat their kids like toys, loving the GI Joe doll but not really knowing how to play with the Barbie. As much as your parents say they know you and can point out all your flaws, it’s not necessarily true. Try to think of them as little kids on the playground, and don’t make them so important when it comes to your identity. To read more about healing the relationship with your parents, and how to forgive, click here.

2. Go to someone for support. 
A lot of clients and friends feel that if they’re down, their friends don’t want to have to listen to them complain. But everyone goes through rough times. Reach out, and don’t suffer alone. If you don’t have friends or family who will listen, go to a spiritual counselor through your church, to a good therapist (don’t stick around if they’re bad) or a support group.

3. Meditate, and pray, and read uplifting books.
Nothing beats meditation. You can listen to guided meditations if it’s hard to focus. Find one you like and listen to it over and over until you feel better. Some of my favorites are the ones by Sonia Choquette, Brian Weiss, and Colette Baron-Reid. Spiritual books are very helpful too. I love all of Sanaya Roman’s books. Sonia Choquette’s books helped me through a lot of painful times, and Esther Hick’s Law of Attraction books are amazing. My aunt recently gave me a copy of a book called “The Impersonal Life” and that is incredibly helpful too. Some people swear by “A Course in Miracles.” I love books by Louise Hay. There are so many great books out there – just see what you are guided to, and read it. IT WILL HELP SOOTHE YOUR SOUL.

4. Try not to take ANYTHING personally.
When you’re having a dark night of the soul, you’re probably feeling like life is hell, you are worthless, there’s no point, everyone hates you, nothing’s going to get better, and you might even want to hurt yourself (or think you wish you were dead). The thing is, if you practice detaching a little, you’re going to feel better. Pretend that you’re not you. Pretend you don’t even exist. That the people who have hurt you don’t exist. That nothing matters. You might not be able to be in that zone for long, but if you try just a bit to get into that space, it will help give you some relief.

5. Write it down, and let yourself cry.
Rather than keep the pain bottled up, just journal it out, get it out on paper, identify how you feel, and cry while you’re at it. If you feel inspired to write a solution, that might help. If you don’t, don’t worry about it, just write out the pain, and release it.

6. Escape.
Don’t be a prisoner to your thoughts. Go away, take a trip that distracts you, look for something to get your mind off of your sorrows. Go for a long walk in the woods or on the beach or by the lake. Do some volunteer work for people less fortunate (or as bad off) as you. If you’re too sad to do that, rent some good movies just so you can get out of your head.

7. Let art, dance, and music heal you.
Throw yourself into creating something beautiful, or even something ugly. Dance. Listen to music. Make music. Your spirit is a creative life force energy, and by doing and being and creating, you’re giving your soul space to breathe and shine through your body. When your spirit shines, your ego (the part of you that’s in pain) takes the back seat.

When was the last time you suffered a dark night of the soul? How did you get through it?