Are you at all interested in the concept of astral projection, astral travel, and the possibility that our consciousness isn’t always here in the physical body? I think it’s fascinating, but I’m going to say this right now: I don’t do astral projection. I don’t like the idea of leaving my body somewhat vacant while I go off exploring. No thanks!

Good thing there’s bi-location! It’s just as interesting, only you get to fully be in your body, while a part of your consciousness – just a small part – goes to wherever you direct it to go to check things out. It’s like YOU are the satellite camera, without all the cumbersome technology.

Bi-location happens when you really quiet your mind and direct your consciousness to go somewhere. As with anything related to the psychic arts, the more you practice, the better you get. If you’re into remote viewing, bi-location is something that can happen when you do remote viewing sessions.

If you’re not in the mode to practice either of these things right now, at least the idea of knowing that your consciousness is vast and powerful can be helpful in your daily life.

You can direct it to heal problematic situations, resolve inner conflict, and guide you throughout your life.

And all you really have to do to do that is meditate, or practice mindfulness, and connect with your consciousness – spirit – higher self.

The sky really is the limit – and you get to decide where to put your focus!

I don’t talk much about astral projection because I don’t do it. My best friend from high school loves the idea of it and has done it a few times, and she and a friend of hers have practiced different techniques to jump out of your body and just go, and she even wrote a really wonderful young adult novella about it that she hasn’t published yet but she should.

Some people are just all over the idea of astral projection, which means you consciously direct your spirit to leave your body – to VACATE IT – and go wherever you want to go. I, however, am not one of those people.

What I can do, though, is bi-location, which is really fun and very similar to astral projection only you don’t leave your body. Bi-location is a term remote viewers use for when your consciousness is in two places at one time. It’s so sci-fi to me, and I first heard the term recently while at an event with some high-profile remote viewers, who are very scientific about things, collecting and recording data and using set techniques and processes.

How to Bi-Locate

In order to bi-locate, you have to get your brain down to alpha though hypnotic induction or deep meditation. Then, you focus on your target and just “go” there. You are still in your body, but your brain is looking around where ever you’ve focused on going to. My personal evidence for having  bi-located when I was practicing remote viewing with that same friend from high school; I described the room she was in, and then noticed something she didn’t see. She then turned on the light and verified what I was looking at. In other cases, people doing remote viewing have been on battlefields and noticed that someone else saw them (how Sci Fi is that!?!) or experienced the same physical sensations you would while viewing a target under that target’s specific conditions. I can’t explain how that whole thing works except that perhaps your brain is carrying with it an image of what your physical body looks like, and that image/energetic imprint materializes with your consciousness wherever you decide to go when you’re bi-locating.

How to Astral Project

I can’t tell you how to do this from my own point of view, but what I’ve heard is that you either do it spontaneously at night, or else you meditate and relax, and then imagine you’re on a swing for a while, then when the swing is up in the air you jump off and leave your body! Or, you imagine you’re peeling your spirit away from your body from your feet to your head, and then voila, you’re off and flying.

Whether you are interested in bi-locating, astral projecting, or using another technique to have an out-of-body experience, just make sure you’re grounded, your intention is set to have an enlightening and positive experience, and you’ve had proper training and/or a friend who knows what you’re experimenting with. You might also just want to make sure your vibration is high so that you stay in a zone of light, goodness, and positivity. Surround yourself with legions of angels, God, ascended masters, and the highest levels of light beings as your guides during the process. And then have fun!