So, as I said in that last post, I felt pretty down Monday through Wednesday of this week. Finally, yesterday afternoon my friend and I decided to try a clairvoyant healing technique, and guess what? IT WORKED!

Here’s what we did. We started out with a specific meditative technique as outlined in the traditional Clairvoyant reading method (there are schools that teach this, or you can read how to do it in Debra Lynn Katz’s awesome book, “You are Psychic.”). It’s so easy: basically, you use your imagination to ground yourself, fill your body up with a pure, clean, light bright golden energy, invite in earth energy and cosmic energy, set your protective shield up around your aura, and then imagine you’re sitting in a little room in the center of your head behind your third eye and visualize a movie screen out in front of you that your clairvoyant pictures run on.

My friend said her name a few times and then asked her question, and for the particular issue she was having, I saw an image of a scary monster hiding behind a door that she was afraid to open, and I made it go away. Then I saw her as a small child, still fearing this and other monsters, and I took care of her and together we vanquished them and in the end she was having a nice picnic outside under a tree and Prince Charming came and joined her.

Then we finished with that and I said my name a few times, asked my question, and then she saw images for me (I was lugging around these great big heavy cinder blocks), and she cleared them away but they re-appeared and I started moving them again so she decided to make them into a staircase that I walked up the stairs and then other, more positive images came in.

Simple enough, right? Like making up stories and pictures together. But afterwards, we both felt amazingly better. If you just decide to believe that this intuitive/psychic stuff is real, and try it, it can work magic in your life. I literally felt like a cloud had been lifted from over my head. I’m happy again, and everything is fine, as it usually is.

I think what happens in these meditations is that we are clearly seeing energy and then manipulating it…dissipating negativity and making the way for lightness to come in. There are other scientific explanations, too, along the lines of quantum mechanics and entangled photons and all that. But as I’m more of an artist than a scientist, I’ll maybe attempt to talk about that on another day, and in the meantime, practice this fun stuff with friends and clients.