Psychic Protection for Empaths and Sensitive People

Does your empathy crash down on your psyche like a TON of BRICKS? Do the energetic vibrations of certain people and particular places send your sensitivity meter screaming into the red zone? Do your emotions swing between black and white, night and day extremes, for no apparent reason? Do you ever feel overwhelmed, drained, creeped out, or bombarded by energetic vibes that emanate from certain places or spaces?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, Psychic Protection for Empaths and Sensitive People is the solution to this punishing affliction. This program will help you develop protective shielding, strengthen your psychic constitution, and give you clearing techniques that will help you become more grounded, centered, and reconnected with your own vibration.

In this approximately 90 minute workshop, lessons include:

An easy method for determining the empathic vibrations impacting you
3 uber-powerful energy exercises to strengthen your vibration and bullet-proof your aura
• An ancient rite that will protect and clear any space you’re occupying
Why the simple “shield” technique doesn’t always do the trick (and what does)
How to ground a room to ensure your energy isn’t compromised
How to prevent energetic leakage
Life force-boosting energetic clearing exercises that will help you strengthen and re-claim your energy
Simple, yet incredibly effective techniques to cleanse, clear, and ground your vibration
Don’t let oversensitive empathy take over your life. Take charge of your vibration and learn to master your empathy! Note: this class has an ocean sound in the background. Think of it as a seaside retreat for your soul, and let the energy of the ocean help you to clear and strengthen your vibration.



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