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The same tools I used to become intuitive and psychic can be applied to any area of your life that you want to heal or transform. And it’s not hard – in fact, many of these methods are blissfully easy and fun!

Here are a series of downloadable MP3 audio workshops and meditations that will set you on your path to discovering your limitless power and creating a life you love.

A Trio of Free Meditations to Get You Started

Get started by downloading any (or all) of my free meditations. Enjoy.

Spirit Guides do exist — and they can help you in more ways than you can imagine, from the mundane (finding great buys on sale and amazing parking spaces) to the profound (an inexhaustible source of valuable information about your life and those around you, not to mention an incredibly powerful conduit for energetic healing). It’s just a matter of making the connection.

Download this audio file to learn to connect with your spirit guides. When you connect with your spirit guides – wonderful, enlightened beings, dedicated to helping you navigate your way through life — they will offer you guidance, wisdom, healing, and understanding. Your spirit guides have the capacity to help your soul grow.

This 90 minute workshop illustrates how to connect with your own personal spirit guides and communicate with them through techniques including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and the interpretation of signs. The recording also includes two powerful guided meditations.

Download this audio file to develop protective shielding, strengthen your psychic constitution, and learn clearing techniques to become more grounded, centered, and reconnected with your own vibration.

Does your empathy crash down on your psyche like a ton of bricks? Do the energetic vibrations of certain people and particular places send your sensitivity meter screaming into the red zone? Do your emotions swing between black and white, night and day extremes, for no apparent reason? Do you ever feel overwhelmed, drained, creeped out, or bombarded by energetic vibes that emanate from certain places or spaces?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, Psychic Protection for Empaths and Sensitive People is the solution to this punishing affliction. This program will help you develop protective shielding, strengthen your psychic constitution, and give you clearing techniques that will help you become more grounded, centered, and reconnected with your own vibration.

In this approximately 90 minute workshop, lessons include:

  • An easy method for determining the empathic vibrations impacting you
  • 3 uber-powerful energy exercises to strengthen your vibration and bullet-proof your aura
  • An ancient rite that will protect and clear any space you’re occupying
  • Why the simple “shield” technique doesn’t always do the trick (and what does)
  • How to ground a room to ensure your energy isn’t compromised
  • How to prevent energetic leakage
  • Life force-boosting energetic clearing exercises that will help you strengthen and re-claim your energy
  • Simple, yet incredibly effective techniques to cleanse, clear, and ground your vibration

Don’t let oversensitive empathy take over your life. Take charge of your vibration and learn to master your empathy! Note: this class has an ocean sound in the background. Think of it as a seaside retreat for your soul, and let the energy of the ocean help you to clear and strengthen your vibration.

There are over 6 billion people on the planet right now. We can travel more easily than ever before in the history of the human race. Meeting your soul mate NOW is easier than it ever has been! This workshop will help you shift your mentality and your entire vibration so you can be magnetic to your soul mate.

You don’t have to be alone if you don’t want to! This workshop will guide you through powerful techniques designed to help you re-direct the energy you’re projecting, in order to literally magnetize yourself and become irresistible to your ideal mate.

The workshop begins by helping you identify negative energies you may be projecting to the world: an outdated image, low self-esteem, and subconscious notions of diminished self-worth limiting the scope and caliber of the type of person you’re attracting. Next, we’ll do a healing so you can release those energies and get you into an optimal space.

The focus then shifts to a techniques that help you hone in on who and what you want, and then increasing your magnetism, making you irresistible to your ideal companion, using extremely powerful, magical energetic practices that will alter the both the energy you’re projecting and response you’re attracting.

Combining writing exercises to help you focus with alchemical energy healing techniques to help you shift, this workshop is designed to transform your love life. If you dedicate yourself to following these techniques on a regular basis, you will be amazed by your transformation!

No matter how difficult life may seem at times, we all have the power to change and transform situations – even those that seem impossible to overcome. Release Your Blocks and Create the Life of Your Dreams will help you to get out of your own way so that you can tackle and transform any (or all) areas of your life that aren’t optimal.

We all have “blocks.” They affect how we see ourselves. How we deal with other people and situations. And, most importantly, how we chart our destiny. Often, these blocks keep us locked into negative or ho-hum patterns, doomed to repeat them over and over again. Years go by with no change or improvement. We become frustrated and feel powerless over our failures to…lose weight, manifest relationships, get our career on track, develop a lucrative financial portfolio, or move into the kind of house we’ve always dreamed about.

You don’t have to keep languishing unsatisfied in these areas (and many others plaguing your life). In fact, with the right guidance, motivational boost and a little practical magic, you can overcome the blocks and break the patterns holding you back, and start living the life of your dreams. Release Your Blocks and Create the Life of Your Dreams packs in tons of expert guidance, compelling motivation, and a potent dose of what you need to get on track. Download this empowering workshop and get started releasing your blocks and moving toward manifesting the life you really want.

This powerful and wide-ranging workshop is overflowing with potent transformational content, including:

  • What your blocks are, and how they’ve insidiously affected your day-to-day life
  • Why you’ve created these blocks
  • Energetic healing and releasing exercises to blow up your blocks and raise your vibration
  • The oldest (and the most powerful) trick in the book for healing the relationships that have caused you pain and self-doubt
  • How to pull yourself out of a rut
  • Strategies to re-program your mind and recalibrate your energy field to start getting what you WANT and DESERVE
  • Intensive clairvoyant manifestation techniques to re-create your blueprint so you can step into the life of your dreams

This workshop will give you the tools to reclaim your intrinsic power and consciously direct the course of your life! If you approach this workshop with an open mind and heart, and are prepared to work toward releasing the old, sludgy energy that’s holding you back, the resulting shift in your energetic vibrations will be nothing short of astonishing!

The blueprint of your physical body is comprised of energy – a complex system that exists in harmony with your mind and soul. It is mutable and changeable, and if you’re not happy with your body in any way, you absolutely can change it- and it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

If you want to see and feel REAL, LASTING change in your body, energy work is one of the most powerful methods at your disposal. Your mind shapes your reality. And that includes your body. You mind literally holds the power to shape, mold, and heal your physical body. You can lose weight, lose fat, gain muscle mass, slow the aging process, and more.

In this workshop, we’ll go through powerful energy techniques that will change the way your body looks, so you feel calm, confident, and comfortable in your own skin. These methods will help you:

  • Re-build your energetic imprint – create the canvas for a brand new you
  • Crush fat molecules and make way for new muscle – start shedding that fat suit
  • Prime your aura to flush out nasty toxins – remove blocks to internal health and well-being
  • Re-program and heal the cells of your body – repair internal damage
  • Shape and mold your body – Look great in your favorite outfits (and out of them, too!)
  • Project powerful radiance – Turn heads with confidence that exudes magnetic appeal
  • Reverse the aging process – Pivot from old and tired to youthful and vital

This program, if you really work it, effects changes on two levels. First, you’ll discover how to harness your intrinsic energy to shift your cells and molecules and reconstruct your body. You’ll also learn how to change your vibrations, which goes beyond the way you look, and alters the way others perceive you.

You’ll transform your physical appearance and the aura you project – with undeniable results. Not only will you look better, but the impression you impart upon others will redefine their image of you. You will feel more radiant, more alive, and more attractive – and that’s exactly how others will see you.

Stop living TRAPPED in a body you DON’T LOVE. Tap into your own innate power and make positive, lasting changes that will bring you REAL HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION!

Energy Healing for Weight Loss and Toning

A healing meditation to help you get grounded and centered, and then repair your vibration at a deep, cellular level so that your body can begin to shed unwanted pounds and become more firm and toned. [25 mins]

Eating the Best Food for You

This meditation will help you re-program your mind and help your spirit/higher self to guide you in the choices you make for the enjoyable nourishment of your body. [14 mins]

The Will to Exercise

A mediation to shift your vibration and release lethargy or blocks that stand in the way of creating a happy, fun exercise routine that you love. [10 mins]

Energetic Face Lift

This meditation uses 3 healing light energies that will help rejuvenate, restore, brighten, and lift your face and skin so that you glow from the inside out. [12 mins]

Sparkle Brilliance

You are a radiant light being. But sometimes, that light can lose its brilliance. This meditation will transform your aura & vibration; your inherent radiant light will sparkle with magnetic brilliance. Countless users have experienced amazing results — projecting irresistible attraction (especially to potential love interests!). [10 mins]

You are a radiant light being. But sometimes, that light becomes dull and murky. This 9-minute meditation will transform your vibration from the inside out. Your inherent radiant light will sparkle with magnetic brilliance. Countless users have experienced amazing results — projecting irresistible attraction (especially to potential love interests!).

This 20 minute companion to my Spirit Guide Workshop (above) is a fairytale-esque meditative journey that will relax your body and mind, placing you in the ideal mode to communicate with one or several of your guides.

This 25 minute hypnotic regression will lead you through two past lives, ending with a meeting with your guardian angel to discover more about your soul’s mission and purpose.

This 12 minute guided healing meditation with soothing ocean waves in the background focuses on your face, helping you to bring in 3 healing light energies, which will help rejuvenate, restore, brighten, and lift your face and skin. If you are looking for something that will transform your face and help heal the way you feel about how you look, this will help. I recommend listening to it at least 3 times per week – in the car, at the gym, or right when you wake up in the morning.

This guided meditation brings you into the perfect space for doing a clairvoyant/psychic reading. It incorporates the Grounding/Centering meditation that brings in the energy of your spirit, the energy of the earth, and the energy of God, and then gets you situated in your 3rd eye center. Next, we bring all of your energies up from your root chakra to your throat, 3rd eye, and crown, adjust your gauges, and you’re good to go! Just listen to it from start to finish and you’ll be in the perfect space to do healing work on yourself and others.