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My friend and I were in a beautiful New Age shop the other day. The shop owner had great things for sale, although they were all pretty expensive. I’m half Indian, and it always amazes me to see how people can charge $200 for something Indian that’s heavy and pretty and unique looking, that probably only cost about $5 in India.

There was another lady in the shop, a very overweight young woman who was all caught up in these candles the store owner makes. They are really, really beautiful candles: works of art. They look like the kind in big glass cylinders that you can get at the 99 cent store, but the lady decorates them very, very prettily. So lovely to look at, and, get this: the owner ALSO infuses them with magical powers as she makes them. So if you burn the one that’s for love, it will help draw a lover to you. If you burn the one for money, it will bring you money. The girl bought tons of candles and the lady gave her a discount because she was a good customer. The total was $230.

My friend and I didn’t like the vibe in that store. Firstly, the store owner totally ignored us in favor of her paying customer. It was like we didn’t even exist, as though we’d walked into someone’s front parlor uninvited. And this was a small space! Secondly, when we listened to what she was telling the gullible buyer, we were grossed out. It was just icky stuff, making her believe burning these freaking candles was going to completely change her life, telling her how she had to be all the diva and shit around other people, but not in a “you’re fantastic!” way, but in a weird, uncool way.

I’m all for burning candles. Especially ones that smell good: Votivo candles are my favorite. And I love the random spell or two (for good things). I will get together with friends and do fun ceremonies, like writing down what we want to do or achieve and burning a candle for peace or healing or whatnot. I think getting into the ceremony of these things can help you re-program your mind, and help you get to where you want to go, or at least enjoy the path.

But what I don’t like is telling someone that burning a certain very expensive candle will fix their life. It’s like hoodwinking them. We saw that girl trudge out to her fancy new BMW with her designer handbag and designer sunglasses and figured she has money to burn, so it’s not like she was struggling.

But still. She was searching for help, for truth, for meaning. And alls she got was some un-scented candles.

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    Man, it sucks when people get hoodwinked by someone like that. It gives the rest of us a bad name! I hope that woman learns to trust her intuition, although at least she got some pretty candles out of it.